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In the hallway under supervision sounds good - it's good your neighbors know she's yours! If you can get her used to a harness you might want to do the back patio on a leash, just in case.

Was the neighbor who brought her back to you the one who has the kitten?
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((((((HUGS TO YOU AND ZOEY)))))))
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties
In the hallway under supervision sounds good - it's good your neighbors know she's yours! If you can get her used to a harness you might want to do the back patio on a leash, just in case.

Was the neighbor who brought her back to you the one who has the kitten?
I dont know if Zoey would go for a leash..

Yeah my neighbor is the one who has Binky and the other kitty.
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She wanted to visit Binky! She probably smelled him there.

To get my cats used to the harness, I used lots of treats and only left it on for a minute or so at a time until they adjusted to it. But if Zoey's mind is set, running around supervised in the hall might be good (as long as no-one opens the outside door).
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties
She wanted to visit Binky! She probably smelled him there.
lol that's what my neighbor said.
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Hey Sicy - GoGo was famous for escaping out of my front door. I think it's because when he was little, he was an outdoor kitty...I swear he remembers to this day. Anyway, I went to Target and bought him a harness and leash. Now GoGo likes to take me for walks outside -- kind of takes the "wonder" out of escaping.

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I would have probably had a nervous breakdown had Spike gotten out. He 'escaped' twice as a baby. He was only outside for seconds (maybe milliseconds even), but as I live on a busy main street, I nearly had a heart attack.

I do the cat check constantly too. Not only to make sure he didn't get out of the house but also to make sure my grandfather didn't lock him in his closet without knowing, etc.

Anyway, I'm glad Zoey is safe and back inside your apartment where she belongs.
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My landlord is going to remove all the door stoppers to the doors in the hall so they cant be left open.
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I hope what I have to say will be of some comfort to you. My Beloved Shadow used to sneak out of the house when Peter would either come home or leave for work. The one thing that I taught Shadow and now I've also taught Aragorn & Legolas is to come when their names are called.

I know that people say that you can't train cats/kittens to do this, but you can train a cat/kitten to do anything that a dog can do! I'm only speaking from my past experience with Shadow and what I've trained and taught Aragorn & Legolas.

Try teaching Zoey and Saki their names and everytime they do come to you please give them a cat treat! That helps a lot and you will find that as soon as they hear the can or pouch rattling they will always come to you when called!

I hope this helps.
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Yikes! I'm glad Zoey was returned to you safely. We'd all be freaking out for you... LOL! -and that's extra nice of your landlord to be removing the doorstops. Actually, that sounds unheard of.
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Glad Zoey got back inside your apartment Sicy! That must have been scary for you!

We have Outside/Inside cats so it doesn't matter if they go outside!
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Sicy that is good news
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April, Zoey responds to "Boo Boo". She almost always comes when I call her. And I know that if I shake her feather with the bell, she will always come.

Saki is learning his name. I am proud of him. Last nite I called him and made kissy sounds and he meowed and came and jumped up on my lap. I always make sure my cats know their names. My neighbors cats dont come when you call their names I was trying to tell her that she needs to call them with some distinctive sound so that they will come to her when she needs them to.

As for my landlord, she was going to remove them anyway because she doesnt want the feral cats getting in the building But in any case, they will be removed so I'm glad about that.
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Sicy!! I am sooo happy that u got Zoey back and that she's okay! I would've FREAKED out also.. That's one of my WORST nightmares- that my cats get outside... I have been thinking of taking them outside on a leash recently but don't know if I'd get my nerves up to do it. Afraid that the leash would break or they'd somehow get out of the leash..

Sicy, take a DEEP breath, HUG Zoey & Saki, HUG ur bf and tell him to be more observant.LIke others said, I'm sure he feels badly about this..
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I am so glad your neighbor found Zoey safe and sound.
Coco got out of the screened in back porch a few months ago. We spent almost 2 days looking for her, putting up flyers, etc. The following afternoon I glanced out the back window and she was walking across the top of the screen! She had been on top of the house/roof the whole time! I was sooo happy to see her!
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Just be glad she is still safe at home. OMG, though, I know how you feel. My kitten snuck out the door a few times. One time was in the front of the house and I chased him on the porch and we live on a busy street. I was in a panick, but luckily he got scared and ran in the house and he doesn't try to sneak out anymore.

THen, when he was only a few months old, he had this BAD habit of jumping in the fridge as soon as you opened it. The one morning my husband left for work and he just ran to the fridge to grab a soda and ran out the door. Well, Cheeto snuck in the fridge when he wasn't looking. Luckily I was awake and I heard him meowing. It took me a while to figure out where it was coming from and then I realized he was in the fridge!!!!!!! Talk about scary. I called my husband right away and told him that he needs to make sure both cats are accounted for before he walks out the door. Luckily Cheeto has grown out of the stage.

Sorry, so long.
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Oh my god.. Coco.. 2 days I dont know what I'd do It seems so many of you have similar stories. God why do they torture us like this!!! I just keep wondering what the heck she did for 7 hours. Walked around the building? Sat by the door? Slept in the hall? I was kind of chatting with my fiancee just now... he says I speculate too much and thinking about what ifs is just going to stress me out more and to just let it go because Zoey is safe and sound. He already said he would be more careful. I cant help the way I am though. I love my cats dearly.. more than anything just about. When it comes to things this important to me I always freak out
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Reading this thread is making me thank my lucky stars! When we open the door, Trent just walks the other way. Ophelia is literally scared of the front door. She RUNS the other way when it opens! Which is good because if she ever escaped I know we'd never see her again...and if we did, we wouldn't be able to catch her.
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Sicy, I'm so glad Zoey was returned to you without incident. I know all too well that buzzard convention in the pit of the stomach, when the little one is missing. Here's the tale of Cindy's adventure (when she was about 8 or 9 months old and had not yet been introduced to the outdoors) as written to a friend moments after she was found...

"Cindy didn't come for dinner last night. She didn't come late for dinner, and she didn't come any number of other times she was called, either. We searched the house before bed, on hands and knees and with flashlight. We called, we enlisted (or tried to) the assistance of her sisters, and eventually we went weary to bed, hoping that she would come out from wherever and join us there.

"We knew she had not gotten out, because we each were watchful, as always, when we went out in the morning. We knew she had not gotten out by Dad's door, because he, if anything, is *more* watchful, not wanting to be the one who has let out a cat who's supposed to stay in, and his home care people are careful, too, especially his Friday/weekend one, because she is a cat person.

"Dad mentioned having heard something fall and then a scamper. We began to wonder if whatever fell had fallen *on* her and she had gone off to lick her wounds which turned out to be more serious than she thought.

"Well, morning came after not a great deal of sleep and I got up to deal with breakfast for Suzy and Fawn, calling, not very hopefully, for Cindy. Put breakfast down for S&F, turned to do water, and then realized that Fawn had abruptly walked away from a not-at-all finished dish. Followed her into the living room, where she was doing her best "axe murderer" stare, and creeping toward the chesterfield warily. Asked her what was up. She turned the wide eyes on me and then back again. Pulled an end table away, so I could move the chesterfield out more easily. Pulled it out from the wall, maybe an inch, and saw out of the corner of my eye, a black blur, with a red end, and knew precisely where to look and what I would find.

"Hustled to the spare room, where, cowering under the skirts of the bed, was Miss Cindy, with a small paper shopping bag clinging to her rear end. She allowed Mum to pick her up, release her from the clutches of the nasty bag, and cuddle her quite vehemently and hysterically for many minutes, and to carry her into the bedroom to wake sleeping Daddy for further rejoicing...

"Nibs had a similar adventure once, and we learned that paper shopping bags attack cats and chase them as far as the cat will run, and therefore must be kept where they can't see cats. I haven't a clue where she found this one, because I didn't even know there *was* one of this particular merchant in the house at this time, and I certainly hadn't been aware of it visually.

"I suspect the thud that Dad heard yesterday wasn't the cause of the ruckus, but either Cindy colliding with a wall in her flight, or something moderately harmless falling in her wake.

"Ah, well, my heart rate is gradually returning to normal, and my hands have almost stopped shaking. I was ready to take the house apart from stem to stern. Can't say I'm sorry I don't have to."

Go easy on the fiance, OK. Imagine what a SH*T he would have felt if anything had gone wrong! I'm sure he'll be super-vigilant, and is just as relieved that all is well.

Good suggestions above about getting the furkids accustomed to the hall, and even the patio, and making sure they come when called -- less chance of their finding themselves on the wrong side of a door, or being freaked out if they do.

Hugs for you and for your wonderful furpeople.
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Sheesh Sicy, I just read this! How scarey. I'm always afraid of someone accidentally letting one of my babies out. It's my worst nightmare! Thank God Zoey was ok and is safe at home now. Don't be too hard on bf. It could happen to anyone.
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OMG Sicy! I just read this & I could feel the panic in your post! I'm so happy that Zoey was found safe & sound. I know first hand how scary that feeling is. When I was living with my ex fiance' we were painting the front porch. At the time we had a friend Ross that was staying with us for a couple of weeks. He was completely cat stupid...had no idea how to treat them or how they even acted. Well, Jeremy & I were on the porch and Ross said he needed to go into our basement to get more paint. Well, he left the door to the basement open. He didn't realize that Echo loved exploring the basement but I told him to make sure he shut that door. Well, he didn't shut it & he left the basement garage door open. We were all painting away, when I just happened to look on the side of the house. There was Echo shaking like a leaf & crouched down against the ground. I'm assuming she heard our voices and was trying to find me. I have never feel such panic in my life. The thought of her running the neighborhood or getting hit by a car angered me so much. I ripped Ross's butt up & down...I said things that I would have made a Sailor blush! He apologized, but it didn't make it feel any better. I eventually forgave him, but it was hard to do. I never trusted him about Echo again, but it was mainly because he didn't understand diddly about cats. I'm sure your future husband feels awful for what he did & that he didn't do it intentionally. Please don't be mad at him. I'm sure he's beating himself up inside over it all.
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OMG Sicy - how scary for you...

I too have an escapee story - nelson clawedhis way out through the flyscreen in our bathroom window a couple of years ago.

We realised he was gone when he didn't come and get his dinner and then when we saw the torn flyscreen we freaked out!! Nick went to look in the backyard while I checked the front.

Luckily Nick found him flat on the back lawn looking around as though slightly dazed, confused and scared by the wide open space he had found himself in and before he knew it, he was back inside.

We thought we had lost Zoe once, spent hours and hours calling her and looking for her (we were worried that she had got out the back and that the dogs had freaked her out as she HATES our dogs, Nelson the fearless attacks the dogs and they wouldn't worry him). After a while I was crying (almost hyterically)so sure that we would never see her again. Of course she hadn't got out - something had spooked her and she had stuffed herself into one of the tiniest spaces in our house - a small gap under a lap table... I was so glad to see her!!

Whenever we have a large bunch of people over for a bbq or party or something - I always stick large signs on both doors saying 'DON'T LET THE CATS OUT' because I worry that if someone who doesn't know us or our indoor cats so well would let them out. Paranoia huh??

So I know how you feel, Sicy... I am so glad that you didn't even have time to worry about her being missing as that would have been so much worse for you!
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It's a good lesson that they can dash out in the blink of an eye. And kudos to you for always checking the outside door...just in case. It really paid off for you this time.

My old apt. was like yours. My door opened into an enclosed hallway. From experience, when I let Squirt and Joey out there supervised, it made them only want to dash for the door more. They used to lay in wait for when I came in. If I didn't block the way with my briefcase or something, they would both dash out and whip down the stairs. And everytime I would call Squirt to get back up in his house, he would meow as he was bolting with this one distinctive meow he has that sounds like he is saying, "NO!" (I swear!)

I say don't tempt fate and just keep them in the house.
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sicycat, I'm glad that your neighbor heard her and was kind enough to make sure she got home ok! I hope you gave your neighbor a big thank you(and maybe a small hug!) and maybe you can think of that neighbor at Xmas time.....
I dont' know what I'd do if one of my babies got out. I think I'd freak! I get nervous if I dont' see all of them before I go to work and leave Brad a note to call me and let me know if they are all there. Thankfully we've never had that incident(yet...EEP!) MY neighbors cat is getting out all the time, I just put him in the house again a few minutes ago!(he's our renter so we have the key!) this time his front door was opened and it was easy to see how he got out. He will never listen to me about keepig his cat inside, he tihnks they should go out but under supervision,(no leash though) so when his cat runs outside, it isn't shocking. thankfully he comes home to either our house or the renters.(no sadly he isn't neutered, our renter just doesn't have the time or the money, so he says, I've even offered to take him out to our vets but he says no, he'll do it.)
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Thanks you guys. Obviously I'm far from alone here! Everything is fine with my fiancee.. its over and done with, I'm not mad at him. But I'm already paranoid enough about checking doors and counting cats but I am going to be even more paranoid now. And I dont know if its better to teach them NO outside is bad.. or to let them accquaint themselves with it. Maybe it would just make them want to go outside more, and I dont want that.
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I agree with you Sicy . If you start teaching them to go out now , then you need to do that all the time . And maybe one day you move and then you cant do that any more .Also they may start scratching on the door wanting to go out . I (me) personal would not do that , you never know how your life will change . But then , this is up to you .
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omg sicy, i would have reacted the same way, my boys are my children i love them just as much as any one loves their child and i know you love Zoey and Saki the same way, i am so glad she got Zoey, but i dont think its a good idea to let her out in the hall, she might think its okay and do it again, i wouldnt want them to think its okay, i always check to see where my boys are before i leave and after i come in, i have a outside door, no hallway, and if they would get out i would lose it... soooooo glad things are fine now
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I'm soooo glad Zoey is home safe and sound.
I just love her paws.

A few months ago my 3 year old had unlocked one of my back french doors and it doesn't latch very good anymore for some reason.Well,I didn't know he had done this and I had taken him to my mom's and dropped him off and came home and I layed down on the couch to take a nap.When I woke up I walked into the dining room and my door was standing wide open.(The wind was blowing hard that day) I panicked.I have 8 cats in the house(5 of which were feral kittens that are still slightly timid).I hurried and shut the door to see how many cats were accounted for and they were all here except my oldest one(he's tame).I guess he is the only one brave enough to jump out considerig I have no steps or porch out there yet(Not a very big jump though).I go outside and start calling for him.No kitty.I had been asleep for about 3 hours so I knew he could have been out for at least that long(door was shut when I layed down)I went across the road to a neighbor's and he hadn't seen him.I went down the road to another neighbor's and they hadn't either.I called for him for a while and I walked up and down the road by my neighbor's field beside my house to see if he was in the high grass.I walked in a road part of the field calling for him and still didn't find him.My legs were so weak from being so nervous I could barely walk and I felt like I was gonna pass out.I looked for him for about 30-45 minutes(seemed like forever though)and came back in to try and get myself together.I went back out about 5 minutes later and walked beside my truck and there was my kitty laying under it in the shade(he wasn't there before I came in cause I checked a LOT).He was panting because it was really hot out and he is not used to being out in the heat.He had little sticky things all over him so I knew he had been in that field,I just couldn't see him through all of that high grass.I scooped him up and brought his butt back in the house,picked those things out of his fur and told him he better NEVER scare me like that again.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
And I dont know if its better to teach them NO outside is bad.. or to let them accquaint themselves with it. Maybe it would just make them want to go outside more, and I dont want that.
Not really sure what to tell you to do on this.
I will tell you though that one of my kittens NEVER offered to go outside until I took him out with me one day.Ever since then if he catches the door being opened he darts out.He never goes far,but I'm always there to scoop him back up and bring him back in.
Good luck on whatever you decide to do about letting them out(or not )
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Sicy, I did this myself with Toes and my next door neighbor rang my bell and asked me if the big fella sitting in front of my door was mine. I know he loved running the building when I lived in Chicago (sometimes early in the AM or late at night I'd let him out and follow him), but I'm so glad no one had propped the outside doors open that night because he runs when he's outside. I can just imagine how hard your heart was beating.
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