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Scare of my LIFE

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My neighbor knocked on my door this morning, 6:50am holding Zoey!!! I was like OMFG!!!! My fiancee came home about midnight last nite and she must have ran out the door without him seeing. I'm shaking still. She was out in the halls for 7 hours!!!! My neighbor said she was sitting by her door. I just cant believe this. I am so lucky my building is semi-enclosed. There's a side door that is sometimes propped open that leads to outside, and I always close it just out of habit in case my cats ever got out. If this door would have been open she would be halfway to China by now. After the shock wore off I just started bawling. I dont know what I'd ever do if I lost Zoey.

I am so mad at him. He has never done anything to make me mad, he is great with the cats and he is a wonderful person. How do I not stay mad at him??? He is responsible for almost losing my baby!! I know it was an accident but I'm just so upset. Before he left for work I firmly told him he is to do cat checks ALL THE TIME.. coming in, going out.

God my heart wont stop pounding!! And I need to leave for work now. Kiss your babies and tell them how much you love them every day!!
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As long as she is home safely, I would not be angry at your boyfriend. I'm sure it was an accident, and what good would it do to hold a grudge?? Its not like he did it on purpose, he probably feels badly enough just knowing that she got out, without the added guilt of you being angry with him.

Glad your kitty is safe.
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Yikes that must have been so scary! I am so glad that your neighbour brought her home!
Going to kiss my babies now!
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Aww Sicy here's a hug from me ((( Sicy))... Im glad that Ms. Zoey is okay and safe though. Heres a hug for Zoey too (((Zoey)))
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i'm actually teary eyed! That is SOOOOO scary!!!! I would be upset too one time rich accidently let moemoe out of the main part of the house, he didn't notice until I could find moe about an hour or two later! I thought I was never going to see him again! Luckly he was just down in the basement, I Neo actually found him (i put neo on a leash but he could have sooo easily have gone out the door

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OMG I would have been in shock myself , bless your heart Sicy .
But don't hold it aginst your boyfriend I am sure he may were tired last night and did not dopple check . Cats can be very fast Sicy . I remember having Carley Chaplin for a few days and I open the door and wush he was out . He was so fast I could not have stop him . I am talking outsite the house . I finaly catched him next door in the bushes , my dog barking scared him so he hid there . Who knows where he would be if my dog did not scare him . I pay big bugs for him , he was a Cornish Rex cat .
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I know it was an accident and I know I cant be mad at him but I just keep thinking what if what if.. what if I never saw her again and it was because of him. I'm sure I'll feel better by tonite. My neighbor said she was meowing at her door Why her door I have no clue. It's right across the hall though.

Thanks for the hugs.
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Zoey meowed at her door , becours she knew she would be herd by her . Now tell me Zoey is not smart .
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Sicy - I can understand you being upset, its a knee-jerk reaction. And I know you will get better later on in the day when the initial shock wears off.

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If a cat wants to do something, he/she will. Rowdy will wait for her chance and dart out the door. Fortunately, the dogs catch her and keep her occupied, in one spot, so that Bill or I can grab her.

Cats move a lot faster than we do - they're a lot younger and have twice as many legs!
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When Zoey runs out the door she usually just stands there and looks back and forth in the hall. I call her and she comes right in. She must have been doing that and my fiancee didnt see her and closed the door. My poor baby. I'm just glad she's ok.

I keep thinking, if it were Saki, I dont know what he'd do. He's so young and naive I dont think he would sit by the door and wait like Zoey. I need like 12 cups of coffee and a pack of cigarettes right now. *sigh*
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We opened our windows for the first time last night, not realizing that one had been cut across the bottom. When it got to be feeding time, Fred was nowhere to be found. I was at work, and my s/o looked everywhere, shaking the treat can, calling him. He finally heard a little meow at the door, and there stood Fred. He had apparently gotten out the window and had been hanging out on the porch.
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omg how scary!! I take it Fred is an inside cat?
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I think that is any cat owners worst nightmare...I'm so glad she was sensible as well as lucky! You know he'll be extra careful from now on, it's just one of those things...in a weird way...now you know she *would* dash like that, so you are both forewarned.

Glad all is well!
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I know that feeling. When I was still fostering Taz he slipped between the dog's legs when we were coming in from our walk. Of course it was night time, dark, cold and raining.

Thank God he had his collar on with the bell, because when I lost sight of him I could only find him again by listening for that bell. It took 1 hour and 13 minutes (yup, I still remember EXACTLY how long it took - it's burned into my memory) to finally catch him.

I live in a townhouse complex and I'm going under people's porches, on their porches - I'm surprised no one called the police. But Taz was having a grand old time. I on the other hand was aging very quickly because I honestly thought I would not be able to get him. I was fostering him because he was afraid of people and I knew he would never come to me.

Well, finally we ended up almost where we started - in front of my unit. He was trying to get between the concrete steps and the building but there wasn't enough space. I knew I had only one chance and there was only one thing to grab onto - his tail! I did and OMG - you would have thought he was being tortured. I'm really surprised that doors didn't start flying open because you could have heard him into the next county.

You know, I didn't know just how muscular those tails were. He actually was able to twist himself around and up enough to grab my hand and bite me. After all, I couldn't have wounded his dignity any more...imagine being held upside down in midair by your tail!

I finally managed to grab ALL of him and once he was in my arms he quieted down. I didn't let go of that tail until we were back in the house and the doors were locked. I thought he wouldn't trust me again. He wouldn't let me near him while he was giving himself a bath, but by the next morning he was on my bed and all was forgotten. He even lets me play with his tail to this day.

I NEVER want to feel that feeling ever again. I can't describe it, other than a panic type feeling. I was shaking for hours afterwards thinking of what could have happened. I know I would never have forgiven myself, so I do understand how you are feeling towards your boyfriend. BUT it was an accident and you will eventually feel better once you get over your shock. So give your fuzzies a hug, give your boyfriend a hug, let him know you still love him but.... if it ever happens again HE is the one that will be out in the hall!!!

Take care
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It sounds like a clear accident, and cats are so fast at the mark. He probably didn't even see her go. I wouldn't be angry with him unless he did it deliberately. And if he had wanted to do it deliberately he would have let her outside, not just in the hallway. I am glad your neighbor captured her up.
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NaNa does that too. If me or Eric go to open the door to go on the porch, he'll run out. He hasn't done it since he ran into the Yucca plant 3 days ago. I opened the door to get a soda (we keep them on the front porch.) and there goes my white & grey furbrat. I shake my head and continue getting my soda when I hear this loud meow, and here he comes, looking at me like "that thing just attacked me, kill it mommy!" I had to laugh. Maybe that will teach him.
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I am sorry sicy for your shock. I know how you must feel.

I haven't been able to keep my 2 kitties inside because I have a doggie door for the pups. A while back it was cold and wet and I closed the doggie door to keep everyone in. WELL, my little boy found a way out of the house. Imagine my shock, waking up expecting them to be inside with me and looking out the window and seeing him walk across the deck. I still can only surmise, he has found a way out thru the dryer vent. Nothing else is open. If they want out, they usually can find a way, even if it is just slipping out the door when it is open. My 2 don't go far. I know you all don't recommend cats be allowed outside but for now I have no choice. They are up to date on all vet stuff.

{{{{hugs}}}} for you and zoey.
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Thanks.. and thanks for sharing stories. I know he didnt do it deliberatly by far.. he loves the cats very much. Zoey just must have been quick last nite. I was just upset that he went to bed without noticing that she didnt greet him or that she wasnt around. She ALWAYS greets us, whoever comes in the door, no matter what time it is, even if she's sleeping. My apartment is small. Its pretty hard not to notice a cat missing.

I would have noticed she was gone as soon as I got up. I was just waking up when my neighbor knocked on the door. But I'm glad she brought her to me instead of me realizing she was gone.. I would have freaked out even more.
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Thank goodness Zoey is safely at home!!

I'm paranoid when it comes to Nakita. I know that I pay way more attention to where Nakita is, whenever someone leaves the house or opens the outside door. Rob is less observant and thinks she's too well trained not to dash for the door.

Of course, Nakita proved him wrong 2x at the cottage! My heart almost died when this happened. Imagine chasing a cat through 7 acres of wooded forest??

When I used to live in the condo, I was waiting for an elevator one morning. The elevator doors opened and there was a cat sitting there! Of course, I had no idea who this cat belonged to, so I took it down to security and they put it in the office. It was picked up by the neighbors that morning.

Maybe the cat figured he would go out for a morning coffee?

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Originally posted by Russian Blue
Imagine chasing a cat through 7 acres of wooded forest??
Oh my god

My heart is still beating fast.. all I want to do is go home and be with my babies
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My brother-in-law was working at my house and when he went to leave he could not find Max. He spent two hours looking for him in the house and a half hour looking for him outside. He said he was sweating bullets and trying to figure out in his head what he was going to tell me and looking for him outside and calling him. He was standing in the front yard when he looked in the window and Max was staring out at him. He hadn't gotten outside at all - he was just hiding.

Sicy, you know your bf didn't mean to make a mistake with Zoey. He's a good guy and I'm sure from now on he'll make sure Zoey and Saki are in the apartment safe and sound.
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{{{{{{{{{{{Sicy!!}}}}}}}}} - You poor thing! I think your heart is beating a zillion miles an hour because you can't stop thinking about what happened... Take a deep breath and be thankful everything turned out ok. I am SO SO glad your baby Zoey is safe!! I would freak if that happened to me, (and it has) so I totally understand how you feel - Sending you a GIANT HUG!!

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I'm so happy your Zoey is alright. You are so lucky to have such great neighbors.
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I am glad Zoey found her way home! I know it was an accident but you cant help but be mad at him! I know the feeling.

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Sicy, I'm so glad you got Zoey back safely. Thank God for your neighbor. I'm sure this really put a scare into your boyfriend, and he'll be alot more watchful, next time he comes home.

A similar thing happened to me, with my Snoopy. I had a perforated(sp) ulcer, and I spent a month in the hospital. I was living at my sister's at the time, and she was watching Snoopy for me, while I was in the Hosp. My last week in the hosp. my suddenly my sister wouldn't take my phone calls. She only let the machine get my calls and never returned them. I was really hurt and upset, because she didn't call me back, so I confronted her when she came to pick me up. She finally admitted to me, that someone had accidently let Snoopy out, and he had been gone for 2 days, and that she was afraid to talk to me, for fear I found out. They had apparently searched the neighborhood for him to no avail. (She thinks someone was trying to keep him, because he wasn't hungry or anything.) Anyway, the night before I was released from the hospital, she heard him meowing at the front door, and with great relief, brought him in.

I was upset, but I was so grateful that I got him back, that I got over it. I love him, the way you love Zoey. He's my life.
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Glad to hear Zoey is home safe. Thank god she didn't get out of the building!
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Oh man.. so many others have similar experiences. Hope that is so scary.. you are so lucky Snoopy came back. If my building wasnt enclosed and that side door wasnt closed, I really dont think Zoey would have sat by the door all nite. She MUST have explored the building.. that's how she is. It's not a huge building.. 2 stories about 18 apartments. My neighbor is the one that has the 2 kittens, Binky, the one that used to come over and play with Zoey.. so she knows how much I love my cats. I usually get up in the middle of the nite to use the bathroom and I even do a cat check then. I didnt wake up all nite last nite

I am sure my fiancee will be more careful now.
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Eeeeek! I'm glad she's OK & home!

Sylvestra is an escape artist, so fast & quiet that she's gotten out before, too. One thing I do & recommend for totally indoor cats is to get them acquainted with the area around your apartment or house, just in case something like this happens, or if there's a fire, burglary, or careless repair person or visitor. I've gotten all of the cats used to a harness and leash, and whenever I move, I walk them several times (a little at a time in short sessions so they don't get too stressed) on the leash around the new residence. I make sure they know which door is mine (in apartments), and are familiar with the general surroundings outside the building or house & yard. I repeat this every few months, so if by some chance they do get out, they (hopefully) won't freak out & run off - they'll know where home is & stay in the area, and hopefully come back to the door.

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I was actually thinking about that.. and wondering if I shouldnt let her out in the hall occasionally, supervised... so that she gets used to the surroundings and wouldnt get freaked out if she got out.

The other exit is the back patio. I'm wary about letting her out there because the fences are low and she could easily jump them.
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