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Here's a blast from the past!!!

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Hello every one!

Just wanted to drop by and say hello, I have missed you all and hope you are all well!

So much has happened since the last time I posted.

Just briefly

Tatyana (my Russian Blue) Is a year old and has achieved Ch after only 2 adult shows so is doing really well. She is not far off becoming a Gd Ch. She is pregnant with her first litter of Russians due on the 17th of Nov. The Stud is also a Ch and very good so hopefully we will have some gorgeous babies. She is really beautiful.

I now have a Lilac Burmese girl that is 6 months old. She is stunning and has already achieved a first place in her second kitten show.

Peter has joined the Australian Protection Services and is busy guarding Parliament House.

I am in the process of buying a business. Hopefully will sign papers on Thursday.

I now have short red hair and recently got my nose pierced LOL!

Ummmmmm I think that about sums it all up.

Hope ya are all well!

Love ya all heaps

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Hi! It is good to hear about you and yours again!
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Good you see you again!!
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omg that is the most beautiful kitty ever!
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A picture of your Burmese and no pic of Tat?? Russian Blues should have equal pic coverage, don't you think??

(Picture issues aside: what a beautiful Burmese Leslie! )

Glad to hear that both you & Peter are doing so well! And I bet you look absolutely wonderful with the red hair & piercing!

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Your baby kitten is just beautiful!
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Burmese are just GORGEOUS!!!! She is too cute...
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Hi Leslie, it's good to see you.
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{{{{{{{{{{{Leslie}}}}}}}}}}}} You're back!
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so good to hear from you again Leslie. and what a beautiful kitty!
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It's so good to have you here Leslie!!!!!
I love your new kitten, she's beautiful!!!
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This is the first time I've ever seen a Burmese, but where's the Russian Blue? I would love to see pic's of both of your kitties please??????????

More Pics!!!!
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Welcome Back Leslie!

Your burmese is gorgeous, She has fantastic type. Are you going to breed from her as well? I bet your Russian Blue is gorgeous!

Look forward to hearing from you more!

(Kiwi & Persian Breeder)

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Thanks guys, it's so nice to hear from you all!

Thanks for the comments on little Diamond Jubilee (we call her Jubes for short) As she is such a good standard/type I am considering breeding from her later on. Peter and everyone else just adores her. She is a petulant naughty honey of a cat and we all love her to death (which she puts up with gracefully) I truly love the Burmese purrrsonality and can't recommend them enough. The 2 best breeds IMO only are the Burmese and the Russians lol!

Don't worry Cass I'll will post pics of Taty for you in a new thread! Hows my little Nakita going?

I will go get some pics ready and tell you all about poor Tatty's adventures.

Love ya all and thanks again.

Heres a pic of Jubes and Tatty, they just love eachother and play all the time. As you can see there is a big differance between the 2 breeds, one is such a lady and the other.......*sigh* LOL!
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You have very nice looking cats. By the way, the colors in your photos sure have a hint of blue. In the first one, all the whiter spots look blue, as if they were under a black light.
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Hi Leslie!
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Lovely kitties! That Jules is a charmer!
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Kellye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart3

Hi Ginger! Nice to see you!

Hydroaxe The first picture was taken by the breeder and was outside, the second was taken by me and inside. The colours are a little dull.
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Leslie, I don't know if you've seen this, but maybe it's something you'd be interested in??????
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Thanks Lorie that sound really great!
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Hello my friend! I really miss you posting!
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{{{{{Ady}}}}} missed you to honey! Hope all is well!
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We need to start e-mailing more often. BTW - stop changing your e-mail address - I gget confused easily!
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