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I received this email from a rescue in Southern Virginia...since it is related to ferals I thought I would share...any suggestions to help them would be appreciated.


I guess most of the problem is the feral population (so, a combo of
and spay/neuter). Also, we've got hoarders (people in excess of 20-100
cats that really can't care for them). I'll forward your other email
the cat place to Animals in Need.
The adoption fee at the pound is just a deposit for the spay/neuter,
you must reside in the county or have the animal sterilzed prior to
adopting it. We do have several low cost alternatives - the Angels of
Assisi has a mobile spay unit that comes to locations within an hour
1/2 from us - one is only 40 minutes, but comes only once a month (I
keep a
standing 4 slots each month, but bring more, and usually have 8-15 done
there (due to no-shows that they let me fill). They charge only $30
includes rabies, vaccine, and frontline - a wonderful group!!!! There
also a stationary low cost about an hour from us, but I've not
used them yet. Some of our group have, and its 20 for males, 30 for
females under 50#, but no shots or other treatment for free, all at a
charge. We also think we are very close to getting a grant from DJ&T
cover full cost, so we may be able to get the mobile in the county a
few times.
We appreciate all the help we can get. I may start trying to schedule
bi-monthly (not twice a month, but every other - not sure if I used the
correct word) trip to the DC area as we work with a group in NJ and
in NY, as well as individual adopters (took two golden pups there on
Friday), so....
Stay in touch, and thanks for the tips.