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Miss Nell was sick...

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Actually she came very close to dying.
EXTREMELY Graphic story follows!

On Friday the 6th, Nell spent most of the day napping. At about 7:30 pm she got up, followed Greg to the basement, and began vomitting repeatedly. She also had uncontrollable foamy, mucousy diarrhea. Greg told me, and when I went down to see what was going on, she was collapsed in a corner of the basement by her litterbox panting, barfing, and shaking. I told Greg to put her in the carrier while I called my vet's emergency #. I called all 3 vets in my town, NOT ONE was answering their 24-hour emergency numbers. I only got the answering machine of one. After 10 minutes of frantically trying to reach one of them, I called the emergency # for the vet clinic in Austin, 15 MILES AWAY.

We raced our little girl over there as fast as we could. I expected her to die on the trip over. She could barely breathe and her gums were almost white. She kept vomitting, and couldn't lift herself out of the pool of filth. I told her that she could go to the light if she needed to, but she held on. When I asked her to say hello to TJ, Ace, and all of my other furbabies at the Rainbow bridge, she pulled herself up into a shaky sitting position. It was like she was she was saying, Mommy, don't be silly, I'm not leaving you yet.

When we arrived at the clinic the vets started her on an IV. Her blood pressure was so low they had great difficulty getting the IV in, and then getting a blood sample to test. They only got a few drops. WWhile they were doing the procedures Nell started to vomit5 up more mucous, now with streaks of blood and her diarrhea turned completely bloody. Despite all this, though, she stayed conscious, and her gums turned pink again. The vets sent Greg and I home, with instructions to look for what Nell had gotten into.

We waited for the phone call telling us that Nell was gone, but it didn't come that night. I spent the time searching the house top to bottom for whatever made Nell sick. I couldn't find any kind of poison or toxin she could have gotten into. I watched my other fur kids for aany symptoms, but they were perfectly normal.

The next morning, the doctor called. Nell...was eating. She was weak, dehydrated, but...hungry. At the time the vet called Nell had kept her food down for over 1/2 an hour. I asked the vet if she would go ahead and do an x-ray to rule out ingestion of a foreign body. She said f.b. was unlikely if Nell could keep food down, but I wanted to be absolutely sure. The x-ray was negative. Negative on FeLeuk and FIV. She had a fever and still some bloody diarrhea. The doctor continued IV, antiinflammatory drugs, and Vitamin K for clotting.

Sunday she continued to eat without vomitting, got stronger, and started to complain loudly.

We got our brave little girl back Monday. We isolated her in the spare bedroom for a few days, but she kept escaping. So much for rest and recuperation. For the past week she has fought us tooth and nail when we administer her pills. Despite continuing diarrhea, she believes nothing is wrong. Nell has been running at Mach 3 up and down the basement stairs, squeaking non-stop, and harrassing Grey and Alex. I still can't believe its real.

I've thought about everybody here at the CatSite alot as this has been happening. So many people here have lost their beloved cats. I came so very close. There is no Earthly reason that Nell survived. The only explanation I can find for why she made it through is that she had help. Not just medical help from the vet, but something much more powerful. I guess I feel that there were guardian angels to protect her and give her strength. Furry ones, who befriended Nell just as their humans have befriended me.

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you--and to Fern, Peaches , Brutus, Andy , and all the others .
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did you ever find out what actually caused her to get sick?

that is so scary!

I'm so glad that Nell is gaining her health back
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We still have no idea what she ate that made her so sick. That scares me alot; I can't protect her and the others if I don't know what the culprit is. The vet doesn't seem to believe me when I say I've explored every option. She thinks it was probably rat or bug poison, but we don't have any in the house. When we bought the place I did a top-to-bottom sweep to make sure the previous owners hadn't left anything of that nature behind. I just don't get it.
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that is really scary! I'm sure someone on the board will have some suggestions as to what it was. I just don't have any experience.

hopefully you'll gain some more insight.

:flower: :flower:
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I am so glad that Nell is better! That is really scary. I don't have much experience with cats so I have no idea what could have caused that.. but I can say that I'm glad that she had angels looking after her and that she is still here today to share her love with you and cuddle snuggle and play.

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I am just so glad that she is okay
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I'm so glad she's doing better!

Did the vet check for bacterial infection? I read that a foamy form of diarreha (sp?) indicated a bacterial infection.
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The vet did a fecal exam, but didn't find anything there. No toxins showed up in the bloodwork, so the poison theory was just a guess, too. She had such a confusing combination of symptoms, that we may never know. The reason the vet thought Nell ingested something was the extra fast onset of symptoms and the severity---quietly napping one minute, system overload the next.
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Alexnell: First off, let me say, Thank God Nell is doing okay!

Let me tell you of an experiene that I had a few (over10) years ago with a cat whose symptoms and onset practically parellel Nell's. After much searching and ruling out first one thing and then another; the vet decided in post-mortem (yes, we lost Palette, a 6yr. old Calico) that it had been a form of bacterial Inceffalitus(I know I spelled it wrong. I tried to write it the way it is pronounced.) It is a brain inflamation in the same family with Menangitus(again spelled wrong) that moves very quickly and is brought on by a mosquito bite or a bee sting and the prick of the insect sting is practically invisible and "impossible to detect" by just eye sight. They found a bite/sting at the base of Palette"s ear and isolated that as the Inceffalitus.

Again, I say you are so very lucky that your Precious Nell is back raising Hell at your house.
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Alexnell.......Your thread made me cry, because I was not only so happy that Nell made it through, and is alive and well, but that maybe her "angels" such as Peaches, were there to help her!!

I am SO glad Nell made it through!!!!!!!!!! I am SO glad she is okay and doing so much better!!!!!

I love you and Nell both!!

Keep us posted on how she is doing!
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I am so glad Nell is ok. That sounds so scary. I started to cry reading about Nell. All I could thing of is if that happened to my babies. I hope you never have to go through that again.
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I'm so glad Nell is ok. It's a good thing you were home with her when she started getting sick. I hope she continues to recover well.
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Thanks for all your kind thoughts. You're the best.

3LK--I'm so sorry about Pallette. Insect stings/bites are a real possibility for Nell, since she loves to go on Safari in the basement. I know that her hunting ability was what kept her alive when she was a stray, but I wish it would diminish now that she's indoors and has a constant supply of cat food. But, no, she wants the fresh stuff--moths, spiders, flies, mice.

Is there any way to test for encephalitis? Um, not post-mortem, I mean. Is it a recurring thing, or a one shot deal? Spose I oughta just call the vet.

Nell is doing great. She played tag with Nora last night. Nell and Nora (foster cat) are best of friends and it was really hard on Nora to be without her. The first thing Nell did when she came home was to wash Nora's ears. I don't know what they'll do when Nora gets adopted. I wish I could keep her, but I've got 3 of my own already (local ordinances only allow 2 without a special permit ). And there are so many other strays in need of foster placement, I need to keep that spot open.
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Alexnell I cried when I read your post because I could only imagine what it must have been for you!!
I'm so happy for Nell - she's a brave girl to pull through such a thing!!!
I'm happy for you too Alexnell - it must have been quite a shock and quite a relief....
Love you girl
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I am so GLAD to hear Nell is doing so well now!!!!
I think this is a part of the catsite, that people tend to forget how important it is.....and that is CARING for each other and for the support we all give each other when one of our cats is ill or has crossed the rainbow bridge.
It may seem like just another cat, to some, but to us.......it is our babies....our loves....a HUGE part of our lives!!!! And any kind words or support through these difficult times means more to the one going through it, than anyone can ever know!!!!!
I am glad everything is okay with Nell!
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I can only imagine how horrible an ordeal thia was for you (and Nell and your hubby). I am so glad she made it through and is just doing better and better.
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This crisis really brought home how important it is to enjoy every moment I have with my little furries. I spent some time last night just watching Nell sleep, whispering to her how pretty she is.

Then Nell woke up and gave me a "will-you-give-it-a-rest-already-I'm-fine" look, followed by a "get-a-life-lady" swat by the pink paw.

So much for new-found insights.
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