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Cat names!

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How did you figure out what to name your kitten when you brought it home?

I remember the night I brought Emmett home. I've been wanting a kitten for awhile and I called one of the ads I was looking at and he said he had 2 kittens left. So I picked up a friend of mine and we drove an hour of of town to this farm to see them. When I got there only Emmett was left. This little tiny orange guy. Being the last one picked broke my heart so I took him.

The drive home he kept mewing. Renee had him wrapped in a blanket so he wouldn't scratch and we were talking about possible names.

I was thinking "Owl" since its my fave bird, but he didn't have the owl look. You know the big eyes, the fluffy face.

When I got him home he was scared. He sat under the chair while we played video games. He was nervous, and tired. Trying to sleep with one eye opened.

Then I looked at him and thought Emmett would be a good name. One of the characters in the video game we were playing another friend and I named Emmie after this guy she had in her class at college. Em looked liked an Emmett.

So from then on his name was Emmett.

Nick names for your kitten:

Emmers, Emmie, Emmer Pie, Emery Board, and OTC <---- his gangster name! (Orange Tabby Cat)
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We let the kids name any animals we get. Everybody suggests a name or two then we all decide which one fits. The suggestions for Simon were:Gilbert, Meowie, Charlie(which is my sons name), Simon and something else I can't remember. Simon got picked obviously. We have ended up with some interesting names from time to time, a parakeet named Hamster comes to mind.
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we just try to find ones that fit.
Neo and Morphues (moemoe) fit the matrix story line because neo appeared weaker then morphues but he was "the one" that got him saved.

Snowwhite is soild white and lived in the woods

Ashton is a gray color so that name just fit him.

Nimby, stormy, and blizzy are all white and it was cold and rainy when they were born.

Granet and Marble were found at a tile wear house.

Sebastain is almost all black and that just sounds like a good name for a black kitty!

Trinity, to fit our matrix them and because she is three colors. We found her the same place we found moe and neo.

Some one else named Lola I would have never named her that
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Peedoodle came equipped with his name and I loved it so it stayed.

Kahurangi is maori (native NZ language) for precious jewel and I thought it was perfect because he is precious to me. We just call him Kahu for short.
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Opie's original people named him "Garfield". I don't DO cliches so, we looked for a new name. Since he was a mischievous redhead, "Opie" fit him perfectly.

Rowdy earned her name. Within hours of her spay, she was ripping around the house, trashing things.

Buddy came with his name and it seemed to fit.

Ike was born in Tombstone. He and his littermates are all named after Earps and Clantons. His mother is named for Allie, Virgil Earp's wife. Ike is named for Ike Clanton, who was a drunken, loudmouthed cattle rustler. We don't want our Ike to get an inferiority complex so, we told him that he was named for Gen. Eisenhower.

Pearl came to us on Pearl Harbor Day, which is also my birthday.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Peedoodle came equipped with his name and I loved it so it stayed.

Kahurangi is maori (native NZ language) for precious jewel and I thought it was perfect because he is precious to me. We just call him Kahu for short.

Peedoodle I love it!!!!!
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I love it too - and it really suits him!
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Originally, I was going to call Zebra "Ghost" because when I first got her, she immediately went into hiding for a week and would appear only to eat and use the litterbox. After a while, I didn't like "Ghost" because I felt it was kinda negative then I decided on Zebra because she has markings just like a Zebra..

Buddy was named Buddy because he prefers to be with me than other cats, would ride on my shoulders whenever I'm walking around in my apt, and he likes to be on my lap. He became my good "buddy" so that's how I named him.

Spike was named after the vampire "Spike" from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Spike likes to chew on plastic and wood and also likes to nibble on my neck just like "Spike" liked to suck on people's necks. LOL.. He also likes to "play bite" Buddy all the time (they're littermates/brothers).

Pepper was named because of her coloring- black/white just like salt and Pepper- I didn't want to say Salt/Pepper so I just call her Pepper.. She's also very FRISKY and full of spice so the name Pepper fits her.
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Loki was named after the norse god of mischief - a perfect fit!!
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My boys are named after the WWII trucks my hubby is restoring; he has a Chevrolet (Chevy) and a GMC (Jimmy)
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LOL the WWII post reminded me of my aunt's pets. She volunteers at a shelter and adopted a gorgeous lab mix they named Rommel. About 6 months later they decided to adopt a cat they dubbed Tank. LOL Tank is a petite black kitty.
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WEll my two are rescues from the only kill shelter in the county and were given numbers but really not a name. So after we brought them home we gave them a name.

Sphinx was named besause he has that kind of 'air' about him - regal and laid back.

Kuce ("the Quiet One" - not sure what language but I found it one a list of cat names) was named because of her quiet meows.
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I got my Chewy (Chewbacca) first and he chewed on me from the first minute I got him. I started out on Pounce cause he rampaged thru the house all the time and pounced on the dog but I wasn't really thrilled with it. I like unusual names that not alot of others have. I am also a star wars fan so I thought Chewbacca was a fit. His momma, whom I got 2 weeks later, was called Rosie. I didn't think that fit and since she has 4 white paws and her mother is called Boots and a sister is Socks so what was left, Mittens. I usually just call her Mitts.
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All of my boys have an "S" name : Snoopy, Shane, Simba & Strutter (my dog). So, I try to find an S name that will fit. I was giving my pets Kiss related names, until Stanley passed away, then I thought that might be bad luck, so when Simba came, I decided it would just be S name.
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I got Amber from the shelter and thats what they already called her. I liked it. I am assuming they named her for the little gold 'blaze' she has on her head. also, there is a little gold spot higher up between her ears.

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i name my cats after my favorite comic characters...and since it is currently "card captor Sakura" Sakura is my female kitty, and Li is my male..if i get another it will be Tomoyo, or Toya
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We had an awful time with naming Simba - we didn't actually settle on a name for a couple of weeks after we got him.

He started out as Sandy, but then it kept making me think of Olivia Newton-John in Grease and my cat is a boy. So we went to Simba but I didn't know if it seemed right for him. We tried a couple more from The Lion King (Mufasa and Timone), but they didn't seem right either. I really liked Luther - I still think it is the most fitting name for him, but nobody else in the family liked it. We never really made a definite decision, but just all sort of reverted back to Simba.
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Well, Mittens use to have the name of Ashley, but we decided to change it since my sister's name is Ashley. He has four white socks (paws) and my husband loves The Simpson's (a tv show) and one of Bart's friends had a cat named my husband walks around saying, "My cat's name is Mittens!" It's funny...and sweet.
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We don't work too hard at it. We try to have some sibilant sound in the name, having heard at some point that cats respond well to such names. Don't know if it makes a difference or not. Mostly we let it happen -- wait for the cat to tell us...

Fawn -- well, she's kinda fawn colour -- it was Rob she told, so I'm not sure what other considerations there were.

Cindy -- from her tortieness, a reference to cinders, I guess; or Cinderella?

Suzy -- was snoozin on my lap as we drove home from picking her and Samantha up -- and I found myself murmuring "Snoozy Suzy, Snoozy Suzy" as I stroked her. She propped an eye open long enough to look satisfied with the name and it stuck.

Samantha -- began her life as "Samuel" -- at least that's what Rob thought "he" told him and we DID expect that we were getting a boy and a girl -- never even crossed our minds to question that. Then, when we took them for their first checkup, the vet checked Suzy first and then "Samuel", and after a glance at "his" little butt, said "Samuel, eh? I don't think so!", grabbing the two by the tails, swinging them around to face us, and continuing, "See? both the same!!" "He" had been hearing lots of "Samuel" and "Sam" already, so we figured she had better be Samantha. It suited her!

Gryphon -- came to us already named. Having been a scruffy little barn kitten, his human decided he needed a dignified name.

Nibs -- was also already named when we got him. He was six months younger than Gryph, and when he was first in the household, their human would come home at night and ask Gryph, "Well, what has His Nibs been up to today?", Gryph being the sensible one, even as a youngster. The name just stuck. I think their individual names were kind of a formality for their human, anyway, because she mostly referred to them together, as "The Lads".

Shasta -- the 's' thing, and I just liked the sound of it.
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Every dog and cat that I've ever owned have been named by characters in movies.

Asta - was from an old series and movies called Topper
Copper - was from the Fox and the Hound
Shadow - was from the old radio show and movie The Shadow
Cisco - was from Dances with Wolves it was Kevin Costners' horses name
Aragor & Legolas - was from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Books) then the movie

Movie character names, real original eh?
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All mine are named indian names,
(Cindy ) Ted was born December 7 1951.
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Ophelia's name was a battle from the word GO. Everything I suggested, hubby hated. Everything I suggested, he hated. We probably spent at least 3 solid hours going back and forth on names. Finally in desperation I went back to my English Lit background and started naming Shakespearian characters. He stopped me on Ophelia and since that was the first one we both liked, that's what it was! It does fit her, though.

Trent was much easier. At first we were going to go with the Shakespear theme but the first (and only) time hubby called the little black kitten Hamlet, I just busted up laughing. That was NOT his name! The kitten was SO enthusiastic about playing, throwing himself all over, flopping here and there and bouncing right back up. He was also very stoic when he wanted his snuggles. So it came down to Trent (for Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, because Trent played just like Trent acted on stage) or Rozz (for Rozz Williams....if you know who Rozz is, you'll know why a black kitten who is slightly whiney and a bit eccentric with the playing would fit). We decided on Trent on the way to the vet for his first checkup.
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Before I adopted Midnight, I had decided I wanted a black cat and would name him/her Mischief. However, Midnight made it clear that his name was Midnight, not Mischief.

Sunshine was named for the song "You are My Sunshine".

Coal came with his name. He was 9 yrs old when we adopted him, we figured he was too old to have to learn a new name. He's The Coal Man (sung like I'm a Soul Man), King Coal, and the USS Coal.

Lilith was named Toy when we adopted her. We said no, she's a cat, not a toy! She is named for Adam's first wife (before Eve), who was quite an independent woman. Lil takes crap from nobody!

Lilith's kittens were named mostly for their appearance, we weren't very creative, I'm afraid! Jules, the firstborn, an orange tabby, is named for the Orange Julius drink. Blondie is a blonde (buff) tabby. Polly is a polydactyl. Silver is a silver tabby. Pan is named for the Greek god Pan, the god of animals and wild places (he is in Wind in the Willows, too!), she has a tabby "M" that looks like horns! Max was named (Maximus) since she was the smallest of the litter and we wanted to give her a name to "grow into".

Romeo was named Sparky when we got him, but that reminded me of the dog from South Park. After some consideration, we decided that with his lovey dovey personality and good looks, he was a Romeo.

Tillie was named that by her previous owner. Her full name is Tillie Lily, but we call Lilith "Lily" and so dropped the "Lily" from Til's name. Tillie is also Talitha, The Tillinator, and just plain Til.

Sasha was named Pooh Bear when we got him. We decided that with his big poofy coat, he looked like someone bundled up for Siberia, so Sasha he became!

Khepera was originally called Stinky by the person he was taken from by the Humane Society. They changed his name to Tinker, which was far more rescpectable. He had been abused and neglected, and I decided to give him a new name so there was nothing to remind him of his past troubles. He is named for the Egyptian god Khepera (an aspect of Ra, the sun god), Khepera is the god of rebirth, which seemed perfect! We also call him Kepi, which is the cap worn by Civil War soldiers, and it fits cause he lays over top of my head like a hat at night!

Phoenix was adopted literally minutes before she was to be euthanized. Thus we named her for the bird of mythology that rises from the ashes! We've been calling her Phoebix lately, Tybalt came up with that one. He said she is getting chubby, and the "n" in Phoenix is bulging into a "b"

Osiris is named for the King of the Egyptian Gods, keeping with our mythological theme. He mostly answers right now to "Where's the baaaaabeeeee?"
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Fluffy-was already being called Fluffy by the lady who was caring for him right before we took him.

Socks-Well he looks like he's wearing Socks!lol
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Let's see...

Current kitties: Roko is from "Ronin-ko." She's a brave little warrior, and cats have no masters.

Circe was called "Abbra" at the shelter, because she's a witchy cat (long, lean, black, amber-eyed, and mitten-pawed). I didn't like the name; and after considering several (including "Araña," which got her nicknamed "the spiderkitty") I finally settled on a handle for her which still reflects the fact that she's a witchy cat.

Past kitties: Clove was a tortie who was to grow into a striking cat. As a kitten, however, she resembled a little cream tabby gone goth with a bad dye job. I'd once heard a joke about someone "being such a goth that their cat must smoke cloves"...and there you have it. (She has the distinction of being my only fosterling whose name wasn't changed by her new caretaker.)

Magpie (now "Sparky") was a naughty, loud tuxedo kitten with a habit of dragging things off and hiding them. At one point, circumstances beyond any reasonable control required me to keep him in a cage like a bird. (Poor guy...)

As to other names: "Cirrus" would do well for or a dilute calico or blue tortie; "Kismet" for a poly; "Ulthar" for a black tom.

I tend to not give cats blatantly descriptive or "human" names. For example, I'm actually ashamed of having once named a Snowshoe "Siamee." And when I heard that the shelter had named one of Circe's brothers "Tyler," I remarked that since there are so many men with that name, I'd have to change it if I adopted him!

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