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Tuesday DT

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I have the day off and I've been up, since 4:00. Don't know WHY I wake up so early, when I don't HAVE to.

It has been raining, since last night. Thought that our rainy season was over but, Hurricane Nora had other ideas. Bill likes it, though - the temps are way down and its more tolerable for him to work. Of course, the dogs are in their element. They just LOVE to play in the rain.

Going to pick up Mom and take her for lunch and a mall crawl. There's a nice outlet mall, on her end of town and the Cracker Barrel has chicken and dumplings, that are ALMOST as good as my granny's. I hope that her wheelchair will fit into the trunk of my car. Didn't worry about that, with the big old Oldmobile.

Have a good day, all.
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I'm off to Lincoln today to sign the lease for my new apartment. I've a mega busy day today. I've got to pick up Ric, then swing by the apartment (pay them MEGA bucks!), then go to all the utility places & then pick out my new furniture. Oh, I forgot about having to go to the bank first & get a loan. So it's gonna be long one for me but yet an exciting one too.

Hope everyone is having a good day & wish me luck today!
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Ohhh I hope the day goes swimmingly for both of you Cindy and Shell!

As for me, I am doing the housework, etc.

We got a cherokee jeep yesterday and now all she needs is a name. Any suggestions? I liked Stella after "A Streetcar Named Desire" but hubby wouldnt have it.

Am trying to finish a book today so I can get onto Mystic River and And the Band Played On.

Have a great day you guys!

Oh yeah, and I will be tracking my vegemite on its travels from Washington State.
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Kelly, how about "Geraldine"? Its alliterative and I always loved Flip Wilson's Geraldine Jones.
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