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I Rielly's warming up to us

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Well it's been about 4 months since we got our little feral from the shelter. He still isn't a lap cat but he has started to sleep on our bed. He's also got the cutest habit of crawling under the blankets if your curled up on a chair and eith curling around your feet of layinf under you legs. It seems we have finally meet with his highness approval.
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It sounds like its a case of being slow and patient with the little one - eventually, they will come to you and the affection creeps in. Vicki was like it - a year down the line she became an adoeable and loveable cat. She is still sadly missed in the house.
I wish you luck, patience and grateful thanks for giving the kitty a home.
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Tht sounds great . It looks like she is loving you guys , how wonderfull
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LOL actually Purfectcatlove Rilley is a boy kitty. I do hope so, being the 1st ever feral we've adopted we've felt pretty much out of our league for awhile. My husband is sure he hates us because he keeps trying to run out of the apartment. I try to explain to him that it's just that he's used to being outside & it will take time for him to get use to be in indoor kitty. That and the fact that our apartment just can't compete with the birdy next door.
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Sounds like your little feral is becoming pretty happy with the warm indoors, with people who love him and who feed him daily. Congratulations! Isn't it the most wonderful feeling??
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Actually yes it is. It's strange but there is a much stronger feeling of amazement when he comes to us for attention then with our Lady D. I'm not sure the life he had out there on the streets but every time he rubs up against us it's almost like he's saying thank you. A truely miraculous feeling.
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sounds like its comming along nice, happy for you all
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