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We moved!

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Well we have just moved houses and I have set up the computer room and the cats rooms and working on my room- I will post pictures tomorrow. I'm really stuffed but thought I'd just let you know it went well

Any questions feel free to ask!

Sam(very excited about the new house ! ! !)
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Woohoo! Glad to hear it went well, and smoothly? I had just PMd you to ask!
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Well- Yes Smoothly- Yes, PM right back at ya babe!
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my congrats on your smoth move
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Hey Sam... How does your furkids like their new rooms and the house in general?

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I'm betting you'll love your new room, with the Ocean view! I know I would love it.
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The furrkids are just in my room at the moment(well six of them ) and they are loving it. you can see one of the main streets from my room and they are watching the cars dart past!It looks so funny! to see all these little heads lined up!

Ben is in his own room and he seems to be okay, Sally(Rat) is in the Antique room and Danlara is in a cage in the garage until we sort out our house and the dogs have the big backyard to them self and the rumpus room, they are having so much fun and no big dogs to fight with like the other place

Hope it was lovely this morning waking up and looking outside my window and seeing the see, it's a gorgeous day today as well.

Thanks Guys!
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Smoothly. Now there is a word you don't hear usually in the same sentence as moving!

I'm glad that your move went "smoothly" Sam and I hope that your kitties love it. By the sounds of things they are already enjoying the move and looking for windows of their own!
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LOL! You crack me up Snowangel!
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Congrats!! ...now please post pics, so we can share your view!
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