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Cuddly & Affectionate Breeds?

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Sorry not sure if this is the right forum for this-- but I was wondering, what are the most affectionate and cuddly breeds of cats in your opinions? I am interested in adopting a bengal cat but I want to make sure he has a companion. I also heard that the bengals are more playful than they are affectionate (I could be wrong?) and I really want a *cuddly* cat.. I am just researching for now. I want to make sure I know as much as possible before I do anything. So far the breeds I am interested in are laperm, balinese, tonkinese, snowshoe, ragdoll, and birman. Thanks
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i can give a big thumbs up to Ragdolls....VERY cuddly i own two of them and they are the SWEETEST cats, and just love attention. if you need to know anymore about them, don't be afraid to ask!!
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Siamese are big time lap cats.
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Does it have to be a purebred? I've always had mixed-breeds and a lot of them were lovers. It just depends on the individual personality of the cat.
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Why not visit a shelter and meet some of the cats there, you may find a affectionate cat who is in need of a home.
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You might get better expert advice on this in our breeders forum. I'll move it for you.
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I would have to agree that ragdolls are cuddliest! Although we have a Maine Coon his is a great big baby...
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BIG orange tabby cats are the BEST! I think rescue kitties from shelters make great pets. And the adults already have there personality devolped so you can ask the staff to pick out a cuddley one
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I have 2 SelkirkRex cats and they are very sweet and both snuggle bugs . But they don't play like a Bengal . I have a lot of none breed cats (regular cats )and are sweet and are snuggle bugs too .
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It really depends on how the cats is raised, you can have a really lovey bengal and then you can have one that bounces off the walls, I would actually steer clear of the bengals because of their wild blood, if its the wild look you want you can get an Ocicat, a cat that is just as stunning and looks like it belongs in the jungle, but without the wild blood. Ocicats are very lovey cats, my friends breed Oci's and their cats are wonderful and sweet, they love to curl up on your lap when you are reading. The ragdoll is also a good cat.
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If you really want cuddles and affection you can't go past the Burmese! You get some beautiful colours and they are a lot of fun. They are like the dog of the cat world and will go out of there way to entertain you and love you. The males tend to be even more smoochy than the females. There are a lot of good articles written about the breed if you want to know more.
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
BIG orange tabby cats are the BEST! I think rescue kitties from shelters make great pets. And the adults already have there personality devolped so you can ask the staff to pick out a cuddley one
This is very much the truth!! One of my cats is a large orange tabby rescued from the Humane Society. I was doing volunteer work there and for some reason the woman who worked there was afraid of him. (Due to his size) But this cat is the most easy going you'd ever meet and never met a stranger. Not a lap cat but loves pettings all the time.

Once you've picked your breed (my vote is Ragdoll btw) you should definitly get a male if cuddly and affectionate is what you're looking for. I've had several cats of each gender and in my experience males are more consistant and friendly. YOu know women and their moods!!

One thing I don't know is how well a Ragdoll takes abuse/play... Anyone know? Because my bengal is pretty high octane. So the cat you'll get to be your bengal's companion will have to put up with a brat jumping off his head at random intervals. My female cat *still* hasn't gotten used to him and hisses whenever he gets a foot near her. In fact now she hisses at any person/cat that suprises her from behind. The other cat has adopted the "if you can't beat em, join em attitude." Of course this prolly wont be a problem if you raise them together from kittenhood.
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my raggies play pretty hard with each other...i would think they'd adjust all right to a more rambunctious cat....hmmmmm...
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My raggie had adjusted to life with 5 children with no problem. I think the trick is the same with any breed. They need a place they can go for a "time out" when they want it.
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My ex- housemate and I, some years ago went to the SPCA with the intention of getting a cat for our house, (We actually ended up getting two) and Ashley chose Smoggy because she literally THREW herself at us, rubbing her face against the kennel door and purring and climbing up in her eagerness to get to us. I ended up choosing the next kitty - Max - (both moggys) who was in line to be put down as I couldn't bear choosing.Real loner.

Smoggy totally lived up to her initial behaviour and was just the sweetest little snugglebumpkin EVER - I have never come accross a cuddlier Kitty and our family have had lots of different purebreds over the years. She recently died and Ashley just went back to the SPCA to get another - and same thing, has chosen an adult cat who really tried to snuggle up to her through the cage and the new kitty (no name yet) is turning out to be a real cuddler and loves to be carried, on laps and in the bed.

Why don't you try for an adult cat (whose behaviour is already obviously established) as these are always harder to find homes for than kittens and you'll know you are getting a really cuddly cat who needs someone who really appreciates them!
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Burmese are so very cuddly!!!!!!!!

and so are my exotics!
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I have to vote for the Maine Coon Cat!! They're big, strong cats that love to cuddle and have their fur stroked!! That soft long fur feels so good too! Maine Coons are loyal to their family and usually pick one person to become devoted to! My Maine Coon used to curl up next to me and purr away whenever I was sick. When I had my asthma attacks she would curl right next to my chest and put her head on my arm and stare into my eyes till I recovered.
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Maybe you've already got your kittie.. I am like you and mostly want cats for playing/cuddling/napping! I just bought a Birman a month or so ago, and she is SOOOOOOO affectionate. As a matter of fact, when I went to see the breeder, most of her kittens were fighting for my lap! Birmans are a very gentle, affectionate breed. They love to be around people, but aren't pesky like some cats where they'll be under your feet all the time. My birman may not follow me into a room right away - but it's only a matter of time before she's begging for my affection! I also have a stray from an animal shelter (both kitties are in my signature below). I think she's part Main Coone as well, and she is VERY affectionate as well. Over the two, I prefer the Birman thus far (although I just got the maine coon mix). She is always waiting on her cat gym looking out the window waiting for me to come home from work.. and as soon as I walk in the door she peers up to be with those big blue eyes. It's enough to make you melt. Whatever you decide, i wish you the best of luck!
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The first that make a very cuddley cats are the persian, they are very lovely lap cats. Also, they enjoy big pick up and cuddle. Then their are the Maine Coons, now they make a wonderful pets. They are very affectionate, laid-back and gentle. For sure, they can play fetch. I have a Maine Coon and he a big suck and my baby.
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I had 2 bengals but my little 3 year old girl had to be put down on saturday *RIP Princess Wild Savannas of Kenya. AKA Kenya* Anyway, our bengals have always been really energetic. They will tolerate some cuddling on their own time but its not long and they decide when, typically at 2 or 3 in the morning when you are trying to sleep or when you are trying to get ready for school. I would suggest probably a rag doll. They have an unusual ability to become extremely relaxed, especially when being stroked lovingly or held by their owners or by others. Ragdolls are known for becoming “limp as a ragdoll” when they are picked up, which is the basis for the name of the breed. 

Like always, I would suggest you find a rescue around you to see if they have any cats of the breed you are looking for and if not, look for a rescue specifically in that breed. If you don't like the way rag dolls look, go to your shelter and look a their cats, a lot of shelter cats realize they have been rescued and they are more affectionate so that might be a good match. Good luck! :)


We are going to rescue a rag doll to keep our other kitty company and to help heal the hole in our hearts from Kenya's passing so I will let you all know how that turns out :)

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The thread you are replying to is 9 years old.  Chances are none of the posters are still on here.

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