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New Feral Kitten

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I recently took in a feral kitten that was in my backyard. I kept an eye out for a mother and other kittens but didn't see any. I determined that he was about 4-6 weeks old and seemed in pretty good health. I set up a room for him to stay in. At first he was hostile and was always hiding but slowly came out to eat and use the litter box. Now it has been a couple weeks and he is still a little skidish when I come in the room but usually doesn't run into hiding until I get closer and he seems more comfortable with my presence. He constantly plays around the room or with a toy on a string that I hold. I was just curious if anyone had any suggestions or comments about the situation. I know my next plan of action is to take him to the vet. Thank you for any feedback you give me
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Sounds like you're doing well.  You might try sitting in the room and quietly reading aloud.  It will get him used to your voice and presence and help him understand that you mean no harm.  He may be older than you think, which is why he's still a little shy.  A six week old kitten would most likely have come around by now.   Feral kittens can be smaller, so it's no surprise he looks younger.


Take him to the vet as soon as you are able.  The vet can help you determine the kitten's age and make sure he's healthy.  (Worms and other parasites can keep them from growing well).


You can also try using Feliway, which is a plug-in that smells of cat pherenomes.  It helps them relax.


Good luck!

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Definitely get him to the vet for a check up and necessary vaccines and also to find out when you can spay/neuter. 


Feliway plug ins are great.  You can also play quiet music.  I love using Gerber stage 1 baby food chicken or turkey.  Cats and kittens just love it and you can begin by having the kitten lick it off your fingers.  It works wonders on very shy/scared cats.


Thank you for taking care of this kitten.  He will forever thank you.

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Yes I've heard feliway plug ins can help and I will have to look into that. Thank you for the advice. I feel like things are going well and he get less shy everyday
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There is a nice trick for using on young cats, especially kittens, when they had landed and arent not longer panic strucken.


You wrap the cat in a soft towel, all legs up to the neck, like a burrito.  You carry the cat at your chest, where it can hear your heart.  You talk softly, make friendly noised, "crooning", singing softly if you can.

Half an hour, one hour. A couple three of such sessions, Done.

I had lend this trick from our forumite Catwoman707.



For the rest, I agree with the others.


Good luck!

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