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HELP! Blood in Lucky's stool

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Very early Sunday morning - I had been scooping the litterbox when I noticed that Lucky had missed it and there was blood in her stool. She's been acting as playful as ever and eating regularly, etc.

Today, (Monday) we took her in to the vet with a stool sample (which came back negative for any parasites). Lucky seems to be very healthy and the vet stated that Lucky could've been straining to go to the bathroom, since she had clogged anal glands. The Vet expressed the anal glands and told us if we noticed blood in her stool again to call her right away.

Wouldn't you know it...tonight after scooping - blood in her stool again. Also, we noticed a smallish (a little smaller than a dime) spot of blood on the couch where she was sitting. I'm planning on calling the vet tomorrow to alert her about this, but was wondering if any of you have any suggestions or advice about what could be causing this. Also - if you think of any questions I should ask the vet about. I appreciate it so much. Thank you.
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Poor Lucky. I don't have any experience of this but did want to wish you luck in identifying and fixing the problem, I know it's frustrating when the vet sends you home without an answer and you little girl isn't well.
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It could be a touch of colitis, or even diet. Is Lucky just an inside cat, or could she have crunched a mouse? Your vet will be able to give you answers, if you see the blood again in the fecal material, use a baggie and save it in your :censor::censor::censor::censor: for the vet to look at.
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Thanks for the good wishes Tobycat - it helps to know others can understand. I appreciate your reply - very much.

Yep, Hissy, that's what we've done - saved the stool with the blood and the vet ran tests for any parasites and the test came up negative. I have placed another call in to the Vet and will see what we can figure out this time. It's so strange as Lucky is acting like her happy, playful self, but yet whenever one sees blood...it cannot be a good thing.

Yes, she's still an inside only cat - all of our girls are. The receptionist at the vet said that this same thing happened to her cat and they switched to semi-moist (not canned) food and the problem was resolved - so maybe that's the answer. Lucky primarily eats dry food, with canned food in the evening (about a tablespoon or so). I can't figure this out - it was out of the blue, you know? I really checked around to see if she got into anything, but there is no evidence of that type of thing.

I was a bit more concerned last night when Lucky had left that little spot of blood on the couch - as it's usually just been mixed in with her stools. Poor girl. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this quickly and resolve it.

Thanks for the suggestions and support.
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