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Is this typical behavior for integrating new cats?

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Over the weekend we started bringing the cats together. I had a friend over so she helped supervise with me. All went pretty darn good, the only real problems is with Abby. Jayce is handling it all really well. Morgan is doing ok and Abby is just a brat

Only had some hissing and a couple paw swats. Nothing serious. But Abby is still hissing on and off with him, better tonight. Sunday they had time together again all day and then all night tonight. The time I am gone I just leave 2 baby gates up and they can see each other. Its worked well.

But, I worry that Jayce is irritating them Hes much more of a kitten in his behaviors than the other 2. Morgan was estimated to be about 1 year old, same as Jayce. But Jayce must be on the younger side because he is soooo playful. He really wants to play with both Abby and Morgan, who arent very sure about him yet. He chases them a little, and even Abby will run away playfully until she suddenly freaks out and stops midrun and hisses. I think shes confused on what she thinks shes supposed to be doing vs what she wants to do

Should I just let them continue on as long as there are no major fights? I dont want any fighting or Jayce irritating them either with his antics. Is this typical while they get to know each other? They both just stare at Jayce likes hes nuts. He really is a spastic cat. Hes so funny.. he flips and twirls and jumps and all sorts of crazy things as he dashes through the house like hes on drugs! I swear I dont let him OD on catnip
I guess they dont really know what to make of him?
I dont either!

PS, forgot to add.. Jayce will stalk them and jump at them, and basically get both Abby and Morgan freaked out. Morgan just gets surprised and runs away, while Abby crouches and hisses at him. They also do some weird run by paw swatting at each other. Jayce will be dashing through, pause to seemingly jump on a cat, think better of it, they all paw swat each other and everyone jumps out of the way. Its a bit unsettling to have cats racing around and sniffing butts and hissing etc.

Oh and lastly, unrelated question... my boys are neutered but still seem to have "plumbing" back there. I never noticed it before on fat Morgan. But skinny Jayce has it all hanging out and sure enough when I looked at Morgan, he has it too. *ahem* Never really checked out a cats rear before. Thats just the 'leftovers' after the neuter, right?
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Sounds like it is going quite well considering. As long as there isn't any bloodshed and major rolling you should be fine.

About the neutering, you should see nubs, that's about all. Not two full testicles.
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Sounds pretty good so far - you've come a long way with them already! (woohoo) I've seen that behavior with introductions between the younger and older cats at my house. If Jayce wants to play all the time, and the others aren't sure about what to do about it.....the best toy that I use to ease introductions in this situation is a "fishin-for-kitty" pole (Petsmart or Petco). Get Jayce to play with it, particularly in front of the others. He is playing, so satisfying his need, and the other cats will watch and either 1) figure out he is not a threat, and/or 2) feel compelled to jump in and play with him. The play in the younger ones usually brings out the play in my older ones and seems to eliminate a lot of threat they might bring.

This works for me MOST of the time.
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They are doing so much better!! As Im sitting here, Im watching Jayce lick Morgan to death and Morgan is just laying there allowing it Occasionally moving his head for Jayce to clean a different spot It is soooo cute! Im so proud of my boys Abby is taking more time, but shes doing so much better with Jayce too. Yay!!! Almost a completely happy little family here! Its funny how its so exciting for me Yes, Im a dork!
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Oh! And now Morgan is cleaning Jayce!! This is a first I just took a picture of them being soooo sweet!
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Way to go Mamakat!!!

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Yay! That is good to hear!
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