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Caption thread

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HI!! I LOVE what u have done with this and it looks great. However, i was wondering if it's possible for something to be added to "caption this" such as where u can look for pictures submitted by specific people. For example, if I want to pull up all the pics I have submitted that have been posted in "caption" and "winners", how can I do that?
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Probably the easiest way to do that is to run a search with your name in it and only search the Caption This forums. Deb always puts in the winners section who submitted the picture and who wrote the winning caption.
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Agreed, Heidi. Thanks for fielding that.
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I ran a search of the Winners Forum with your name, Pamela, and I found 3 pictures that you had submitted, so it works.

Just make your name the 'keyword' you search for and don't enter it in the "user name' box.
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OHHH so that's why I couldn't find the pics! I did enter it in "user name" box.. THANKS for ur patience in explaining this. Thanks! Deb, u're doing an excellent job with this forum and I am really enjoying checking pics and captions out!
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Glad we could solve that for you, Pamela.
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If your tied with a Mod in "Caption This" and the Mod
wins the caption does the runners name actually go
in the drawing?
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The actual winner of the tiebreaker poll is the only name to go into the drawing. In the case of me or hissy winning the poll or submitting the picture, no name goes in. Other moderators are eligible to win prizes, just like any other member.
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okay i was just wondering
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