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Here's a couple new ones

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very cute......... who's winning?
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Saki is almost as big as Zoey isn't he?
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I love it
Great pics Sicy

more .... .... I like...I like ...more
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I see Saki is a lot bigger now. Zoey is beautiful as ever.
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awww you can tell how much she adores him
They are so pretty Sicy...
It is so amazing to watch them bond and love another cat...i love to watch my boys playfight...they get along so well...
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They both pretty much hold their own, though Zoey is the one that gets the most mad lol.. she growls and hisses sometimes But they really do love each other's company

Saki is almost as big as Zoey.. he's actually 'taller' than her.. but he's very lean! He's 8 pounds and she's 11 and a half.
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In the last pic it looks like Zoey is slaping Saki's face with her paw
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ROTFL! I love the picture of Zoey all up in Saki's face with her boxing glove... These are too cute, Sicy!
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In one of those pictures, Zoey looks like a panther! And to think you were worried Zoey wouldn't take to another cat in the house!
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i love all the pics in this thread

here's some of Smokey & Blue


this one looks like Smokey ate Blue..
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blueangel479 - Great pictures. Smokey and Blue look like pro wrestlers - LOL!!
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Great pics blueangel
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LMAO @ boxing glove

Cute pics Blue! Arent they so funny when they wrestle!
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Boxing glove!!

Cute pictures Sicy and Blueangel!
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LOVE the pics of Saki & Zoey as usual!! Whenever my cats start wrestling, I ALWAYS have to stop and laugh at them. They're better than TV! LOL...
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