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I'm the newest kitten, I guess

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Hi, I'm new here. Get newsletter but first time visiter and signed up. Owned by one cat, Salem(17 yrs). Adopted Smoky @10 wks old for my roommate(& niece).
I just moved to TN from FL. Am retired so I spend alot of time now on the web/net. Not alot of experience yet. I look forward to spending alot of time here.
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Hope you enjoy it here.

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Welcome, welcome, welcome!! So nice to have new members here! there seems to be quite a few people joining these days! Im sure you'll love it at this site, its soooo friendly and theres always loads of good stuff going on! - Do explore!!

See you around!

:laughing: :daisy: :flower:

(oh yes, we like the smilies...... )
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Hi and welcome to the Catsite. Its a great place and I hope you enjoy it here.
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hey toyslady I would like to welcome you to The Cat Site - everyone here is just sooooooooo nice and freindly and they have so much advice and support to give.
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Welcome and enjoy your stay here. I look forward to hearing more about your babies!
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Thanks for all the welcomes. Never wanted a kitten so Smoky seems to be perfect. I got her at 7 wks (3 wks ago). Brought her home, gave her to my niece. We showed her the litter box and she's only had one accident and that was to teach us a lesson (the door to the litter box room was shut). She loves us equally and requires no games or toys. Shes happy with her rubber band, wadded paper from the printer, and mostly her tail (and any spot). She likes tv and eating adult cat food instead of kitty chow. She plays so hard she can fall asleep anywhere anytime. At night she sleeps on the pillow next to mine, this is after pretending the blanket is mommy cat and "nursing". She loves to attack Salem who doesn't have claws and they play "Swat" until Salem goes somewhere Smoky can't get her. I love them both but Salem will always be my baby.
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Welcome to The Cat Site!! I look forward to getting to know you and hearing your stories about you furbabies. I would love to see pictures!! Welcome again!

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do
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I am so glad you have joined us!!!!!!!!
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It's fun, we talk about cats and other stuff and we all get along well and have fun! So, curl up for a purr and enjoy!
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Welcome to the cat site. I hope you like it here.
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I live in a small town called Salem!
Enjoy and jump right on in with all our discussions! This is a great place!
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Welcome to the site. I'm sorta new myself and something else,
I live right down the road from you at Glade Spring!!!!!
How about that. Hope you enjoy the site.

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Hi, I'd like to join in and welcome you to our Happy family!

I'm sure you'll enjoy it here, we're all a pretty nice group of could we not be...we LOVE Cats!

The kitten is eaing adult food at 10 weeks? I'm no expert, but I was told babies need more nutrition and need kitten food...I may be wrong though? I'm sure someone more knowledgable can advise better than I can.

I'm happy that you adopted Smoky, sounds like she gives you much joy!

Enjoy your time here, look forward to seeing you again soon!

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Smoky has kitten chow but Salem eats it too. They only get one pouch of Wiska homestyle a day and they share that. Smoky is the perfect kitty. I never wanted a kitten so she has changed my mind now I want more (if Salem doesn't mind). Nice to know I have neighbors.
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Welcome Toyslady!!!
I'm glad you joined us and hope to see you posting often !
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Hi, I'm new, too. I think this is a great forum. I love the icons and attachment features. A lot of friendly people have said welcome. I think you will like it, too. I have a grey tuxie named Smokey. Hope the picture comes up.
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Love the site. New on-line too. No way yet to send photos. Don't know if Smoky will be still long enough for pic. Your Smokey is beautiful!
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My 2 1/2 year old Cagney eats my 17 week old Lily's kitten food too, so I just gave up on the adult chow and buy only dry kitten food now! : I also spice it up with a small amount of soft food, and they seem to love both
I guess it's good that Cagney prefers the kitten food, now that she's carrying kittens of her own ...she ran off right before her spay appointment, and came back pregnant...much to my dismay. Oh well, it'll be fun to hear the pitter patter of little paws...I think? :LOL:

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Do you get to keep the kitties? I want more, at least one. My uncle usually has strays so he's gonna catch me one (or two). The pet store said there's alot of calories in kitten food so when its gone I can give Smoky what she'll eat. Salem is putting on too much weight to keep eating kitten chow (she's spoiled enough).
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I desperately wanted one of Hissy's little angels :angel2: and since she lives only 2 hours from me, I was trying to arrange that. But as you can see, Cagney threw a monkey wrench into my plans! :LOL:

How could I not keep one of the kittens...the problem will be trying not to keep more than 1...or ALL! ....maybe I'll get lucky and she'll only have 2?:laughing2:

Too bad you live so far from me...I'd give ya a great deal on a furbaby!

After they're weaned, Cagney will be seeing the Doc to be sure this doesn't happen again. :

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Smoky hasn't tried getting out but shes going to the vet soon as she can. I like my pets indoors. If we screen in the back they can go out but not til then. I plan on being a volunteer at our local shelter so I don't think I'll have trouble getting another cat/kitten.
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