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Holly & Sophie!!!!!

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Well.. It's the last day in this house so the cats are enjoying every last minute of it.. I thought I would take some pictures to show you guys!

First of all.. My girl Sophie.. I love her curly whiskers so bad!

"Just Hanging Out"

I will be posting a few more pics, I will let you know when they are all up.

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Now Sophie thought she would steal the feathers so noone else could play!

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I love this pic- She was holding onto the scratching post!

Beautiful Poses!

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They are so cute, I just want to kiss their flat little noses
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hee hee look at those out of control whiskers! I love it! Sam I love your cats I truly do, but Persians always look so grumpy to me. I know it's just their flattened features making them look that way. These are probably the most seriously spoiled Persians in New Zealand!
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Your pictures and your kitties are absolutely beautiful. Holly is especially stunning. Her colors are so dynamic.
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they are so cute . I like the curly whiskers , they look to cute on her
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The back of our house(not the one we're moving into!)

Yogi is the red self, Loonie the Blue Cream and Elmo is the bicolor.

Elmo,Holly & Sophie!

Hunter Kitty!Loonie!

Hunter Kitty!Holly!

I was eating dinner and then I went for a bathroom break and I came back and look who I found!Benja!

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That's all the pics for now!

Thank you everyone for the nice comments!

Please don't flame me for having inside/outside cats.. My cats love having freedom and they have never been hurt at this house

I think so too Mary Anne.. They are soooo spoilt!

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OMG! How cute! I just love those grumpy lil faces!
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Hehehe bad kitty Benja He has a beautiful black coat!
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Oh I forgot this Pic.

"What goes up must come down right?"

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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Your last day in this house? You better get going, I see TONS of furniture still sitting there

They do look grumpy, but I love those curly whiskers! I hope they will adjust well in their new home
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Sam they are so stunning! I LOVE seeing pics of your kitties. I've never really had the pleasure of meeting a persian in person and I'm so fascinated by your gang!
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OMG the last picture is to funny , when he/she look up I am in tears from laughing now .... OMG I really needet that laugh today . Thanks for sharing Sam , you are a sweet girl
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Sicycat- Yeah LOL The movers are coming this afternoon we are just packing the small stuff etc etc at the moment

Thanks for the lovely comments!

Here are some pictures I took when Elmo and I were having a game.

'Sitting pretty'


Time to wake up already?

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Some more of Elmo!

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Love all the pics.
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LOL Sam, they are so cute!

Was that roast pumpkin????????? I LOVE roast pumpkin! I miss eating that!
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I loved all of the pics.... Especially the ones of Ms. Holly and Sophie. Benja made me laugh and Elmo made me smile. I love his coloring too.
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If I came to New Zealand, I'd want to bring Holly home with me. She is just so beautiful!
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I love all of the pictures of your Persians, you'd make a super Pet Photographer if you ever want to earn extra money. I love this pic of Holly, OMG it looks like that's a tear in her eye! She doesn't want to move!
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Thanks Everyone! I love you guys!(I know I say that everytime but I really do!)

Yeah Roast Pumpkin! Don't they have that over there Kellye???

Yeah Holly really is beautiful Hope- And with all the Best Cat in shows she has won she deserves it!

OMG Thanks Skykitty- You are so sweet! I really wanna be a photographer or a Vet Assitant when I'm older, I'm so lucky I have cats that always want to be photographed as well! Now you pointed it out it does look as though Holly has a tear. and also a big matt of fur on her neck,(from when she was with the stud)

Thanks again everyone!
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Saaaaam! i missed this!
Found it now though!
Right, go to Miss Curly Whiskers and give her from me.
I'm so in with her!

Secondly i want more pics of your stunning Benja!!!! He's soooo beautiful. I've been looking for a black persian for aaaaages, with no luck

Please help me feel better
Sam i swear you have the most gorgeous cats ever!
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They are beautiful!!!
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Sam, your cats are gorgeous!! Elmo has the cutest scrunched-up face!!
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Thanks Guys!

Jasmine! I gave Sophie a big from you she thought

I have some more pics of Soph that I will post later!

She's having kittens in about a month, AWWWWWW so exciting!

I will try and take some pics of Benja today for you.

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