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Better Than Catnip?

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Tibby sure seems to think that my shoes are much better and smellier than catnip!

Heehee i like how she sticks her whole head in there!

I guess all that shoe sniffing made her tired!
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I wonder what feet smells like to cats?

They are the cutest pics Laura!
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they are to cute . Some of my cats do that too with my husbands shoe .
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I've known a lot of cats who seem to have a love for someone's shoes. A friend of mine came over to my house once, and my cat Snoopy couldn't get enough of her shoes. In fact she acted like they were catnip. Looks like you're cat is doing the same thing. Tibby is sure a cutie pie.
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Tibby has a SHOE FETISH!!!
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LOL! Those pics are great. Saki likes to play in our shoes, but Zoey could care less
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YAH!! Another shoe fetish cat!!! My JB is an admitted shoe fetish!
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Yup! Our Gryphon was into shoes. Often found amongst Rob's shoes in the bedroom, or lying on the back porch with his nose poked snugly into one of Rob's beach shoes (an old pair of sneakers that he kept for beach walks and other dirty activities and left on the back porch to dry). Never did figure that out. Guess he wasn't so weird after all!
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too funny.
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Maybe it's an intenser scent of us? I don't know, but lots of cats seem to think shoes are IT!
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I love those pics. Taz, on occasion, will have a love fest with my shoes...and I'm still in them!

I think it must be something on the shoe as to what's in them. He'll start sniffing them intently, then rubs his entire head all over them. If I try to move my foot away, he'll wrap his paws around my ankle and hold on.

He looks so cute when he does this. I have no idea what it could be. Then don't smell anything special to me...yeah, I smelled my own shoes
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I think you stumbled onto something here. if you can bottle that shoe smell, you can make a fortune!
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