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Nueter question

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Well for the first time in my life I have boy kitties. If you look on the picture forum you'll see them. They aprox. ages are 4 & 5 months. I guess I'm not sure when the time that I should get them fixed is. I was hoping it would be OK to wait about a month so that Jordan is 5 months, but someone's urine is smelly already, so I'm wondering if I should get them fixed right away, or is I wait will it be OK. My concern is of coarse spraying just like anyone who has a male kitten. I know at the shelter we hear about kittens that are fixed too early dieing at a young age & I can't stand the thought of that. My Smokey lived to 17 & I want to make sure these two have the best chance at long lives possible. I would prefer to get them both fixed on the same day to avoid fighting due to one smelling like the vet. Any advice would be appreciated. I just want the best for my babies.
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My boy is 3 months old.. neutered at 2 months. I dont see why you have to wait.

I know at the shelter we hear about kittens that are fixed too early dieing at a young age
Can you elaborate on that?
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The shelter I volunteer with neuters males at 8 weeks - they admit this is earlier than they would like, but they must speuter all pets before they are released for adoption.

My vet recommends neutering at about 5 months, simply because he feels that anesthesia is hard on a young one's system. I usually wait until that time and haven't had problems with spraying in the past.
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Our male cat was done at 11 weeks before they were allowed to release him.. On the other hand our female kitty would not be touched by any vet until she was 6 months old.. If they are 5 months old i would get them done, and also not just for longetivity of their life, but they seem to tame down a little once they are done !

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One of my males was done at 4 months.
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My vet likes to wait until they are 5 pounds, he says they are less likly to get URI. I like to wait until males are 6 monthes and females are 4 monthes, but getting them done earlier is fine. Sebastian was already fixed when we got him and he was only 10 weeks old!
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When I got Chaucer at 10 weeks he had just been neutered. I got Ta done at 5 months and Indie and Noah at 5 and a half months. Some of the vets offices I called wouldnt do it till they were 6 months and some it didnt matter.
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Here is a wonderful link regarding early spay/neuter:
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Originally posted by nern
Here is a wonderful link regarding early spay/neuter:
That is indeed a good link. I adopted Saki ONE DAY after he was neutered. It was amazing.. he was playing and jumping and purring and seemed unaffected by the process of the day before.

The female kittens on the other hand.. were mostly sleeping and less active as I hear it takes females longer to recover.
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Originally posted by nern
Here is a wonderful link regarding early spay/neuter:
Thanks for posting this link! It makes me feel better about getting my 2 fosters Spanky (10 weeks) and Oscar (7 weeks) neutered at the end of the month.
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I got Em fixed at 4 months. I told the vet the earliest I could get him fixed the happier I'd be. He is fine. Its been a month since it was done and he had no problems. He is a happy (I hope) and healthy kitten.
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We had a woman come in last week who had a cat that had been fixed at 8 weeks & the cat died at 3 or 4 years of age. There are people who feel that cats that are fixed too early do not get enough of the necessary growth hormones to properly develop organs leading to early death. I guess it's something I will look into. idealy I want to wait until Jordan is 5 months which is just a month away.
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