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Well, Ivan has found a new home - they've fallen head over heels for him. How could anyone resist this face? We're going to miss him! But I am so happy that he has found a good furrever home. We've asked them to send us pictures, so we can see him as he grows.

The irresistible one!

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He's just so fun to take pictures of I couldn't resist

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'Bye for now! Love you guys!
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I hope his new humans come to TCS so we can keep seeing pics of him as he grows!!!!
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OMG is he adorable!!

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Oh my those eyes, that face who wouldn't love him.
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I love that one where he has his sticking out! He's such a cute ball o' fluff!
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OMG that baby looks to cute . I am sure you are having a hard time letting go of him .
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ivan is a cute little fella.. i'll miss him..
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aww! We'll all miss him!

He's such a cute baby!

I sure hope we get to see a little more of him in the future!
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Awwww.. I know you are having a very hard time letting him go. I sure hope that his new furrever people will come here and show us lots of pictures of him as he grows.
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He is so cute!
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I'm so glad he found a home! What a doll!
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