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The "Blah it's Monday" DT!

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Hey there everyone. I hope that you are all having a better Monday then I am. Hubby was having sinus issues all night and I couldn't sleep for the snoring (and I even kicked him out to the spare room). Then the cats decided to fight for tthe prime sleeping position right on top of me at 2 am (the spot is nestled between my calves). There was a lot of hissing going on! I was almost in tears when the alarm went off, but then I thought that maybe I would get some rest at work today (hubby has the day off so no rest at home). I must have been laying on my arm funny because my left wrist is in swevere pain. Are we sure that it isn't Friday the 13th?

Work is going ok, but my ear ache that started last night is getting worse and now my sinuses are clogging. I have to go and get my aunt a birthday present tonight. At least I will go home to a nice slow cooker dinner. I might be off work tomorrow - we'll see how I feel in the morning!

Enough whining on my part. How was everyone's weekend? My parent's dropped by for a few hours n Saturday between a wedding and it's reception. I miss seeing them now that they live out of town. Boy - I am really looking forward to the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend this weekend! 3 whole days off. Any special plans for my fellow Canadians?
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Omg thanksgiving is THIS weekend??? $H!T. ummm I think we will probably go over to the in-laws.

Is it possible to get a cold over the internet??? I just spent my whole 4 days off with a stupid cold, now that it's over, I have to go back to work. Well I guess I can be thankful that I didn't need to use any of my sick time. anywho, here is a recipe that my M.I.L. gave me that made me feel a hundred times better and really gave my cold the boot!
1 orange
1 lemon
~Cut into chunks (with skins on)

put in cooking pot with some water, cover and boil until concentrated liquid at the bottom (20 mins. depending on your stove)

Strain, add honey and whisky. (or whatever spirits you desire)
Holy crap it's like drinking the peels but is it ever good for you. and I feel much better. (I added four shots of whisky, I think that helped too! )
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I was having a very quiet day at work, so took the afternoon off since it's so nice out here today...so I think my Monday is going much better than yours, adymarie! Hopefully yours will turn around, and hopefully you'll feel better soon.

I am finishing up my patchwork dog beds that I'm sewing, and they are turning out really cute! I'll have to take some pics of them and the dogs when they're done and figure out how to post them. I was going to make one for Simba also, but he already has a bed that he loves. (I have some pics of him on the roll of film, just need to finish it up and get it developed.) The dogs tend to be pretty hard on their beds so they only last a few months, so I've started making them instead of buying - costs only about 1/3 to 1/2 as much.
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what a great idea! I would definitey make more things if I had a sewing machine, but they're so damn expensive. like $200 bucks!

I'm going to look on e-bay!
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ok and I thought $200 was expensive!

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Making the beds seem like a great idea.

Monday just took another down turn - my mother in law is back in the hospital. I have started a thread about it.
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I got mine (a Brother) at Wal-Mart for just about $100. I've used it a lot for about 3 years and have had no trouble with it. It's pretty basic, but I've been able do any projects I've wanted to do with it.

Dog beds the size I make cost $25 & up (big dogs), so I figure I've made back my money just on them! These patchwork ones are actually costing almost nothing - I still have stuffing from the old pillows, which I will supplement with some ripped up strips from my hubby's old sweatshirts. The fabric was remnants I had hanging around. And the velcro for the outside case cost $2. So I'm really getting them for a bargain this time!
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ok and I thought $200 was expensive!
That one's a little fancier than mine...

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Well, Ivan (our little foster grey kitten) went to his new home on Friday. They adore him! Of course, it's pretty tough NOT to adore him, he's so darn cute! : I miss him, and so does my dog. . But we just can't keep them all. Even if we wanted to keep that many cats (which we don't), we couldn't because of city codes. I'm so glad he'll have a good, loving home. I'm going to post a few more last-minute pics we took soon. We've asked them for pics - hopefully we'll get good photos as he grows up. I LOVE the Save Samoa adoption agreement - that was just what we needed to make sure he'll be well cared for.

Hubby came home with an extra passenger Sunday night after visiting his family's farm. Last week someone drove up their (private) road & pulled up in front of their house, opened up the car door, and booted a dog out into their yard. She's really cute, kind of a miniature version of my dog Beth. Their dogs tried to attack her so they couldn't keep her & were going to take her to the pound (basically a death sentence). He brought her home so we could try to get her into our local no-kill shelter. I called this morning, and they took her in! She's pretty small, full-grown and only about 25 pounds, utterly adorable, very sweet-tempered, good in the car, and housebroken - they said she'd be adopted pretty quickly. We had to pay to leave her with them, but that's OK, at least she'll have a life! It just makes me so furious that people can just dump a loving, trusting creature like that, rather than pay to take her to a shelter or find her another home.

Now, all we need to do is find a home for the other stray Shepherd mix puppy - she's been with us for almost a month now, and I'm getting attached.
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I can't believe someone would do that!!! It MUST have been someoen who knew them. How else would someone know to drive up THAT private driveway, who just happens to have dogs already?

People make me mad.
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Originally posted by adymarie
Any special plans for my fellow Canadians?
Can I take an extra day off as my father is in Toronto this weekend - does that count and will my works buy the excuse>?

I think not

Hope feeling better

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Tess, I hope Ivan enjoys his new home. And hopefully the dog will find a loving home that really appreciates a sweetie like her!
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It angers me too when someone adopts a pet and then just throws them away. Treating life so recklessly is unconscionable! I just can't get inside their heads. What makes then think in any realm that this is acceptable behavior. I appreciate all that you and the other rescuers do on this board. Thank you.

I've had such a busy day, but the weather is just beautiful. Last week snow and this week temps will be in the 70's.

Have a good night everyone and Ady, I hope you get a good nights sleep.
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Hey everyone!

I would like a do-over of the last 24 hours! I had bad food last night and have been blaaaaaah all day. Fortunately, this was a "work from home" day for me, so I've been able to stay in sweats and slippers, and took a nap instead of lunch.

Finally feeling safe to have something to eat now. Leftover pizza is probably not the best choice in an upset stomach, but the alternatives were fried chicken or boiled pierogies.

Other than that: Will know in less than an hour if we're going to have another kitty! Will keep y'all posted!
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From the way it sounds, my day is good today just because I'm feeling well!

Hope you feel better too, Sue!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
boiled pierogies.
OK, stupid question time - what's a pierogie?
mmmm...leftover pizza - yum!

Hope those of you who aren't feeling too good start to feel better soon. The weather here is gorgeous but still a little warm at 86 - I'm really looking forward to going out for a good long hike, if it will just cool down a little more!

I'd love to see pics of your dog beds, Susan.

We didn't set out to be rescuers, but both my husband and I are suckers for animals, so it just kind of keeps happening.
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I took some pictures but don't have a digital camera; I'll get a picture disk when I get them developed.

Only one of our fur children was planned, the other two just showed up needing homes.
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Skykitty!!! The nicest RC person I have met LOL!! I prefer to call her snowkitty or snowangel LOL! She is such a sweetie pie! And that made my day after coming back from Home Depot to wait in line forever just for making copies of keys that my son has lost for the fourth time LOL!
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They are awesome, especially with sour cream. The best ones I ever had were home made by my friend's grandmother.
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Hey Skykitty I love your avatar!!! Sicy did yet another great job
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Hugs to everyone that if feeling ill or tired or injured.

Wow Tamme that seems like an awful amount of money for a sweing machine.

Sue, I look forward to seeing if you get the 17th kitty or not.

We are moving house today well in actual fact we started last night but are finishing up today, have been taking lots of pics of the cats also.

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That sounds like a pretty cheap sewing machine. Not that $200 is not a lot of money to find, but that is not an expensive machine. Mine was about twice that, and I bought it many years ago.

I am at work today. There are cycling races in town all week, and they go right by my front door. Its very exciting, traffic is shut down, and people walk on the road (the part that the cycle racers don't ride on). Although it makes it a nightmare to drive anywhere. We have tourists from all over the world in town right now.

The cats are enjoying the races too. They went outside this morning to watch.
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Hello Sam .... Hello everyone. How is everyone? Me, I am doing fine.... working hard though and dont have anytime to post. Patches and Tiger are doing fine. Last night I was playing with Tiger and she bit me on my foot...LOL, I am at work right now. I just wanted to say hello to everybody.
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Originally posted by adymarie
Any special plans for my fellow Canadians?
My Thanksgiving is already planned. A complete Thanksgiving dinner for 2. That means turkey, stuffing the whole 9 yards.

Maybe Cisco will get a few pieces of turkey for dinner as well! As for the kittens I bought them a can of Turkey cat food so they won't be getting any human food. Even though Legolas still steals the human food!

Happy Thanksgiving to all Fellow Canadians, on the TCS!
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Wow, there are a lot of Catadians on this board!
Happy Thanksgiving to you!
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Originally posted by sandra
Hello Sam .... Hello everyone. How is everyone? Me, I am doing fine.... working hard though and dont have anytime to post. Patches and Tiger are doing fine. Last night I was playing with Tiger and she bit me on my foot...LOL, I am at work right now. I just wanted to say hello to everybody.
Hi Sandra

LOL! Glad the kitties are fine. I'm fantastic thanks! I'm just drinking water and packing boxes.

Hugs! Sam.
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Wow, there are a lot of Catadians on this board!
Yup. Thanksgiving and Christmas, the favourite holidays for cats in our extended family. Mmmmm, turkey.
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Originally posted by Tamme
what a great idea! I would definitey make more things if I had a sewing machine, but they're so damn expensive. like $200 bucks!

I'm going to look on e-bay!
Look in your local paper. Sometimes, there are deals on heavy-duty school models. I bought my Singer Dressmaker, back in 1992, for $150.00 Other than a once-a-year tuneup, I've never had it into the shop. I have a EuroPro 7-layer denim machine, too. It was only $268.00.

Work was light, for a Monday. I only handled 70 calls and none of them were bad. Since I am off, tomorrow, I'm taking Mom out to lunch and to an outlet mall. She and I haven't had a shopping trip, in years.
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Happy Thanksgiving! We don't have that over here!
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Well i leave for Las Vegas October 12 and get back the 16th. My sister is getting married there. Today has been ok just a rainy day..
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