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Yikes! Mike just scared me!

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He slid off the roof! Thank God he landed on the carport roof and not on the concrete below! He was up on the slope removing a hornet's nest and he slipped and slid down the roof. God I hate to think what would have happened if he had been on the other side of the roof- he would have landed on the ground! He has a huge bump on his shoulder and his elbow and his back is scratched up, but will he go to the doctor's? NO!! I have him in bed now with ice to his injuries and made him take some MSM.
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omg! He should see a doctor! Is he ok?
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He is banged up. Has some welts on his back and elbow, his shoes came off in the slide and he has bruising on his heels. I am just grateful he didn't fall off the roof itself. I can't imagine life without this man in it. Even on his bad days, he's the best thing that ever happened to me.
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OMG, thank goodness he's OK!!
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yes thank goodness! I would still get him to a doctor, just in case a small fracture happened and he can't feel it now, but could feel it later.

ice packs for 20 mins, then hot packs for 20 mins. But only do this for an hour or two.
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Thank goodness he is ok. He should rig some type of safety harness for future roof adventures. Ask him to go to the doctor for your sake if not his. Most men I know hate going to the doctor.
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Wow MA what a scare! I'm so glad he's alright and not injured worse, though he should probably see a doctor anyway. Men are all the same that way though. Hope he feels better soon, at least you know he'll enjoy being tended to by you!
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Oh my gosh! I'm glad he's not seriously hurt!
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OMG! Thank God he's ok! What a scary thing to happen!

You should really convince him to see a Doc...but I know first hand how hard of task that is. Just really watch him close for the next day or two. I wouldn't put heat on a bruise or anything...just ice packs. That'll keep the swelling down. It might be a good idea to have some Ibuprofen around for the pain & swelling.

Thank God he's ok...I felt the panic in your post & I knew something terrible had happened. Looks like someone was looking over his shoulder today!
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Oh no poor guy! Typical man though, dont go to doctors

I hope he'll be ok ! I'm sure you cleaned up his wounds.. ice will probly help too!
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I would have killed my hubby (after making sure he was ok) if he did something like that. no safety precautions????? I am so glad he is all right though!

men do the craziest things sometimes.
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Thank goodness he is ok! He should see a doctor, just to be safe. I fell down the attic steps last year and had a sore, stiff shoulder for months afterwards, and that is nothing compared to falling off a roof!!!!

GO TO THE DOCTOR'S, MIKE!!! The Trips need their dad to be healthy!!!
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Glad he's OK!
Men! Have to DRAG them to the doctor....
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I work in an emergency room and I can verify that men will not go to the doctor unless something is either falling off of their body or they're dying. Falling of a roof is really dangerous, even if he thinks it isn't really bad. They usually do a lot of stuff for those patients (CT scans, X-rays etc.) and if he went he could at least get some pain killers. Like everyone else, I recommend he go. You guys take your cats to the vet for less serious things.. this shouldn't be different.
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I'm glad Mike didn't seriously hurt himself (at least by visual exam)!! Hope nothing comes out of this fall!!

Men! I've threatened to take my husband to the vet when he hurts himself - he actually would go there for treatment before going to a human doctor.
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Mary Anne I know how special Mike is to you, That's why I'm so glad he's okay, I hope he will go to the doctors though!

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OMG , your husband was very lucky that he only got away with bruses . My brotherinlaw 2 years ago fell of the roof and had to have some surcery . He still feel the injury at times when weather changes .

I will be praying for a quick recovery for him
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OMG!!!! I'm so glad he is okay!!!!!!!!! Please give him a hug from me and I do wish he would go to the Dr. just to be checked out. I am so glad he didn't get hurt worse than he did! *hugs*
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OMG!!!!! I'm glad that he's okay MA but that doesn't mean he isn't injured internally or may have a tiny fracture of some kind. Please take him to the hospital!

Men they also protest toooo much and we end up paying for it!
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OMG that is so scary!! Lots of healthy no ouch vibes!
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MA is everything alright? I was checking in to see if you had an update but there's nothing since your first post this morning. I hope he's doing ok!
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Holy crap! Thank God he is okay! Tell him not to do that anymore.
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MA, how's Mike feeling? Did you talk him into seeing a Vet..um I mean Doctor?
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No he won't go and short of getting into a major cat fight, I had to let the issue go. He is up and walking around and says "He's fine and I worry to much!" GRRRR!
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Bless your heart MA . I know how that is , my husband never go to the Dr unless he almost die's . So I know how you feel . What can I say .... MAN ...
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Mary Anne - you tell Mike that he's going to have a passel of Crazy Cat Ladies that's going to show up at your house, tie him up and MAKE him go to the doctor!!!

Only kind of kidding!

I'm glad he's not seriously hurt. Gosh that had to be scary!!
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MaryAnne, just tell him that you're not the only one worried about him! Look at all of us here that are just worried sick about him!
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Tell him that he needs to go, for the Trips. After all, they need him, too!

I don't know what's worse: a guy who won't go to the doctor, when he needs to or a whiny hypochondriac. They're always one or the other.
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i really think he should go to the doc.... or at least get the doc to do a house visit if he doesn't want to go...
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It's too bad you can't put him in a carrier and take him to the Doctor like you would the cats But thank heaven's he's OK...no doubt he has a lot of little friends to help nurse him back to health.
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