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Some get better prayers for Tarka please...

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Hi all

Please can you send a healing prayer for Tarka. She had major spinal surgery in July. She was paralysed totally in her back legs. Since the op, she has been better but the last week saw her getting very wobbly and weak again.

I took her to the vet tonight and they x-rayed her back and the surgery hasn't collapsed, thank god - looks pretty good in fact. They have given her an anti-inflamatory and I have to take her back on Wednesday morning. They also want her to lose half a kilo - she isn't fat but they just would prefer her to be slimmer with her back problem.

So please send healing thoughts to her - that these things help. She is only 10 months old and really is my little precious. The sweetest natured little cat and so affectionate and loving...

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Awww Healing thoughts going Tarka's way. I hope she gets better ultra fast.
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Poor baby! I am sending fast healing vibes and prayers her way!
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I will be praying for your baby
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Sending healing vibes for Tarka (and purrs from Ivo)
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Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.
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Sending positive thoughts to Tarka.
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Healthy vibes from Colorado to sweet little Tarka!!!
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Get better soon, little one!
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Sending mega healing thoughts & prayers to Tarka!
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Get better vibes from all of us here.
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Good vibes and prayers for Tarka...

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I hope Tarka gets better and loses weight for her own good!
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Many healing vibes and get well soon, Tarka! thoughts headed your way.
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meow meow to tarka: hey tarka, get well soon and lose the extra weight, i've lost it, so can you..meow..
boy boy to tarka: get well soon..mommy is waiting to play with you...
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Good Luck Tarka, get well.
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How is Tarka today?

I hope she's feeling better- Prayers and healthy thoughts going her way!
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Hi guys

Thanks so much. She was still very wobbly when I left for work this morning - I am hoping that by the time I get home - possibly in 3 or so hours - she has improved. I have to take her back tomorrow morning for a check up though.

Will send more news as soon as I have it.

Guys, does anyone know anything about cats who lose function in their rear legs? I have seen pics of dogs on little wheelie things - is there anything like that for cats? How would they go to the toilet? Does anyone know.

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They make the carts for pets, and there's also a nursing care section that looks informative, and lots of info throughout the site, too.
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found this in the q&a section:
Q: Can my cat or rabbit use a litter box while in the cart?

A: Your pet will not be able to use a normal litter tray--the wheels on the cart will prevent your pet from climbing into the area, Newspaper with a small amount of litter on it works best, or a shallow tray with litter in it.

* I think how she uses the toilet may depend on her condition as she heals, and how much bladder control she has, too - you'll want to discuss that with your vet.
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Thanks Guys

I took her to the vet yesterday, He is very happy with her progress -I must be honest - she is quite a bit more active - trying to catch moths and things. He gave her another anti-inflammatory shot and I need to take her in tomorrow for a third. He thinks that she probably hurt herself somehow and that is why the anti-inflammatory is helping.

I am feeling so much better - I really was very worried about her.

Thanks for the info on the K9 stuff - Tuxedokitties - I will have a look at it - although hopefully won't have to consider it!

Thanks guys!
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I am glad she is doing better!
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I'm so glad she's better - I hope she continues to improve!
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Not looking good at all. Walks sometimes and other times drags herself around. Guess I am off to the specialist tomorrow. Please wish us luck. I don't know what I will do if she has to go.
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***Major Good Thoughts*** going your way.
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Sending good healing vibes your way!

Shadowfein, I'm sorry I'm posting this so late, I could have sworn I posted in this thread already.

I hope Tarka is doing much better today!
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