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I just realized I don't really know that much about many people here.. so I'm gonna ask lotso questions!!!

What's everyone's favorite color? food? movie? book? board game? car? actor? actress? singer? writer?

What is your hobby?

If you could live anywhere in the world.. where would you?

What's your biggest fear?

What kind of music do you like?

Now.. I'll give my answers to the questions

Color: Purple
Food: Italian
Movie: What Dreams May Come
Book: The Lord of The Rings
Board Game: Cranium
Car: BMW z3
Actor: Robin Williams
Actress: Toss up between Julia Roberts and Ashley Judd
Singer: no preference
Writer: Toss up between J.R.R. Tolkien and Nora Roberts

Hobby: Cooking
Choice of place to live: hmmm dunno
Fear: heights
music: all

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Another survey thread!

I guess we need to refresh those every once in a while, as there are always new people. So here goes for me:

Color: Purple
Food: Italian
Movie: Matrix
Book: The Lord of The Rings
Board Game: Risk (but I prefer Bridge or computer games)
Car: Range Rover (don't have one... just my favorite )
Actor: Rupert Everet
Actress: no one in particular
Singer: I like all sorts - no one in particular
Writer: J.R.R. Tolkien and P.G. Wodehouse

Hobby: cats and computers
Choice of place to live: Israel
Fear: roaches
music: all except heavy metal

We seem to have a lot in common! I can't wait for LOTR the movie to come out in December. Have you seen the preview? Aragorn and Legolas are sooooooo sexy!
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Cass....okay here are my responses to yout thread....

What's everyone's favorite color? Erm....Light Purple
food? Anything goes - but I just love Japanese
movie? The Big Blue
book? Bridget Jones Diary
board game? Monopoly (coz if I am the banker I can cheat )
car? Land Rover
actor? Judd Law
actress? Erm....Julia Roberts/Susan Sarangdon (SP?)
singer? Eric Bennet/Prince...well really I love all types of music - especially R & B and Soul
writer? don't have one
What is your hobby? Cats, horse riding, scuba diving, and of course socialising
If you could live anywhere in the world.. where would you? Australia
What's your biggest fear? slimy things - like worms, slugs...eeewww (my skin has gone all goosebumpy - like chicken skin)
What kind of music do you like? well really I love all types of music - especially R & B and Soul

Another question......
what are your pet hates? Mine would be when people say they are going to do something and they don't
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favorite color? pink and purple
food? sub sandwiches, cheeseburgers, pizza
movie? Dont have one.... too many I like!
book? Dont have one
board game?
car? Oooh, would have to be our 2001 Lexus IS 300
actor? don't have one -- too many, but I do like Mel Gibson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Tom Cruise
actress? Julia Roberts
writer? Danielle Steele; Mary Higgins Clark
What is your hobby? fish, cats, computer
If you could live anywhere in the world.. where would you? San Diego -- because it's near the beach

What's your biggest fear?

What kind of music do you like? listen to just about anything except rap, opera, 50's-70's, and country! Mainly listen to alternative

THose are my answers!
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Color: blue
Food: cotton candy
Movie: Big trouble in little china
Book: Illusions
Board Game: um... monopoly
Car: my honda
Actor: Tim Roth
Actress: Angelonia Joli
Singer: Any girl rock singer. I have an obsession with the female voice with a piano or guitar.
Writer: oooo Richard Bach

Hobby: My guitar
Choice of place to live: Israel
Fear: heights
music: mainly rock and punk.
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Color: Black or dark green (matches my eyes)
Food: Italian, Cajun, seafood
Movie: In this order: Jaws, American Beauty, Boogie Nights,
Forrest Gump, Citizen Kane (C'mon, I'm a filmmaker, I had to list my top 5)
Book: Stephen Kings "It"
Board Game: Scrabble
Car: Ferarri (any kind will do)
Actor: Robert Shaw (Jaws, The Sting) and Kevin Spacey
Actress: Gina Gershon (Bound, Face-Off) and Susan Sarandon
Singer: Pink Floyd (old fav), Dido, Tanya Donnelly, Portishead.
Writer: Stephen King and Pierce Anthony
Hobby: Making short films. writing, watching movies, Cooking, and, of course, cats!
Choice of place to live: Amsterdam (outside US) and on the Pacific Coast somewhere as near a mountain range as possible, but still right on the ocean.
Fear: Failure
music: 60's/70's/80's/90's rock and alternative AND Orchastrational soundtrack scores.
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Color: Purple
Food: Pizza
Movie: Shrek
Book: Roses are Red
Board Game: NA
Car: NA
Actor: Tom Hanks/Jim Carrey
Actress: NA
Singer: Madonna
Writer: Dean Koontz, James Patterson

Hobby: Reading
Choice of place to live: whereever I'll be happiest
Fear: being abandoned
music: top forty
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Answers from an "old" person:
Color: Orange
Food: Korean (or any Oriental)
Movie: Return to Me (or newest one I've seen)
Book: Jane Eyre (lost track # times)
Board Game: Backgammon
Car: My Hundai, want their new SUV
Actor: Hugh Jackman
Actress: Susan Lucci
Singer(s): Beetles; Faith Hill
Writer: Doris Miles Disney
Hobby(s): my cats Salem and Smoky; baking bread in machne, web surfing, solitaire on Gameboy Color
Live in World: Sinop, Turkey
Present Fear: Mouse in the garage
Music: Rock, pop, oldies, country
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Favorite color - Navy
Food - Steak
Movie - Titanic and The Vampire Lestat
Book - Left Behind, Bible
Board game - I hate any and all board games, but Scattegories is not as bad as the others (even though I ALWAYS lose!).
Car - Mine, because it's finally paid for

What is your hobby? - I like to read (a lot)

If you could live anywhere in the world.. where would you? Probably in Colorado or New England somewhere. Either someplace exceptionally beautiful or someplace with some history to it.

What's your biggest fear? Dying and leaving my children for my husband to raise.

What kind of music do you like? Christian pop.
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Ok here goes mine.

Color: Purple and Blue
Food: Japanese
Book: Don't have a favorite
Movie: Gone In 60 Seconds
Board Game: Don't like them
Car: Most SUV's
Hobby: My Children and My Cats
Actor: Nicolas Cage
Actress: Angelina Jolie
Singer: Jimmy Buffet
Writer: Don't have one

If I could live anywhere it would be somewhere warm all year round. (tropical)

My biggest fear is death and the death of my husband.

Music: I love all music.
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