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fixing both at the same time

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Patch (boy 6mo) Pickles (girl 6 mo) bro and sis. Its getting close according to our vet to get them fixed. I cannot have a girl in heat at the house. My hubby and i are donut shop owners and go to bed really early and get up really early. Our sleep is very important to us.

My question is this, I know for sure we are fixing the pick but I want to avoid the problem of patch spraying if possible. Should i go ahead and get him fixed to totally avoid that. I read on TCS about boys and spraying. He has not done anything yet but I really don't want to give him the opportunity to.

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Also- My hubby is worried about patch's personality changing. Maybe becoming depressed. Anyone ever heard of this one? Please let me know I really don't want to fix patch if my hubby does not want to either.
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Getting them both fixed at 6 months is your best bet. Patch shouldn't have reached the point where he is spraying to mark territory yet, and once fixed, he should never get that urge!

As far as personality changes, a male cat's personality can change if he is NOT fixed, he can become more aggressive, prone to wander and get in cat fights!

When our cat Lilith had her kittens (3 boys and 3 girls), we got them all fixed at 6 months of age. Not one of them had a personality change. We also had no problems with kitties spraying or getting territorial.
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I had Emmett fixed as soon as the vet said he was old enough. It didn't change his personality. He is still a little sweetie and everything. Eating well, playing, sleeping. Its as if nothing happened. He didn't ever spray and I hope he doens't now that he is fixed. Getting them both fixed is a good thing, and you can get it done at the same time. Just have to take that day to be with them when the drugs wear off and everything. Em was crazy when I brought him home from the vet. He wouldn't even let me pet him. But by the time night rolled around he was okay and purring again.
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Also they are of an age where some cats can reproduce, once the heat sets in, it won't matter to them that they are brother and sister.

It is really a myth that cats get depressed and change personality after they are fixed. I have a lot of cats come through my home and all of them get fixed as soon as possible. None of them ever got depressed and moped around, or changed in any way. They are groggy when they get home, and are off for about a day for males, and about 2 days for females, then they are fine again.
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we had 5 done at once, three girls and two boys. No ones personailty has changed. I would never even have know they were fixed! Everyone is healing good. We are taking two girls and one boy in on 10/23 and then all my guys are fixed! I think around 4-6 monthes is the best age to get them fixed.
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The cats female and male are more relaxed after they are both fixed . It is very stressfull for a female to get in heat and best to fix her befor she gets in to heat for further provention of canser in later stage of age . I just got a female fixed with 5 month and she is doing great . Also for the male it would be better now to get neuter befor he start spraying , if he starts spraying he may never stop .
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Thank-You guys the advise was fabulous. My hubby is sick today but as soon as he is feeling better I will give him the good news. I can't wait. Patch seems to be unlovable but I think he is just an unsocialble cat. But who knows.

Thanks Again.
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A little late chiming in again but I've had all my four cats fixed and none of them have shown anything but health and happiness. I have two boys and two girls. I hope that helps you.
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