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Dry cat food & smelly poops?

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Does dry cat food have anything to do with the amount of smell of the poop the cat produces? They are +6 mo old one boy one girl bro and sis. They are eating Purina kitten chow in the yellow bag.

What is the best food for the age I have to reduce the smell of the poop?
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Generally a higher quality food will reduce the smell, Nutro, Royal Canin, Science Diet to name a few.
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Both my cats are STINKY!!! And they get Nutro and Chicken Soup.
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I think it depends on the individual cat. I've used many brands and have had minimum stool odor while using all of them with the exception of California Natural...some of mine had the most aweful smelling stools while eating this....yet I now several that use it with no problem at all.
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Since ever I switched to Nutro cat food the smell has gone down a lot . You can get it in Pets Mart or Pet Co .
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Supposedly, with higher quality foods, there is less consumption, less waste and less odor. Spike is on Nutro Natural Choice and he isn't stinky at all. Even when he sticks his little furry behind in my face, there's no stinky problem at all. And the litterbox isn't an issue either.

Maybe switching over to Nutro or Royal Canin (or another higher quality food) will help. Although it's not a guarantee... some kitties have stinky problems even with the better food, but it does work for some.
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I personlay would get them off the purenia as fast as you can. I was told by my vet that it is the worst type of kitten food you can feed your kittens (due to the incredibaly high amount of ash).

I would sugest Acana, because it's natural, has a heck of a lot more vitamines (sp?), as well as a lower level of ash.

Just my opinion

~ Salem
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Felicia's stool is stinky and Beau's isn't. They eat the same thing; Royal Canin and Innova. Beau covers his stool and Felica doesn't cover hers.
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