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How to open kittens' mouths

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The vet has given us some worming meds for our 2 kittens who are about 9-10 weeks old, and under 1kg. It's called Panacur Oral Paste, and comes in a little syringe with notches for each dose. We are to give them one dose each for three days.

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I were (mostly) successful. One of the kittens dribbled a bit out and the other took it like a champ.

But today, we could not get their mouths open! Does anyone have any advice on how to do this with minimal distress? The vet did it so quickly I didn't get a chance to see if he had a special trick, so I assumed it would be easy! We are worried that we are either going to injure the kittens holding them, or hurt their mouths trying to open them.

Thank you!
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Here is an article on pilling a cat which may have some helpful tips though it is a paste not a pill ( 


Here is a helpful video on giving liquid meds: 


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Thanks for the links. The problem is, we can't get the kittens to stay still! I was nearly in tears last night trying to give it them (which probably didn't help) because I'm so afraid of hurting them. One is not keen on being picked up yet as it is - we only got them on Saturday! Even when we can hold them tight, I can't get them to open their mouths. They just struggle and struggle and we feel like the worst owners in the world.


I'm absolutely at a loss, and it's making me feel terrible :(

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Have you tried wrapping them in a towel?
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Originally Posted by Franksmom View Post

Have you tried wrapping them in a towel?

Yeah, that is a very good advice. Useful also when they hate to get their nails clipped.

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 Yes it might be a good idea to make a kitty burrito ( wrap in a towel) .  


Also sometimes it helps if you do it when they've been sleeping or at least very relaxed.   then if you can move quickly ,  you just  quickly hold the head or scruff,  and insert oral syringe sideways into the cheek -- you don't have to aim right in the center of the mouth,  and they will usually fight that more.   


Please don't feel like the worst owners!  You are clearly good owners who got vet care for your kittens and you're trying to help them.  and you are sure not the first to have trouble with this. 

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Hi, guys.


I just wanted to say thanks for your advice. The burrito method works a treat, although that was their favourite towel for snoozing on, now they get suspicious ;)

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