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A few times I have found some poop in really random places like a little piece on my couch, two pieces near the litter box, a piece on boyfriend's foot (yeah, that didn't go over very well!!) and I'm wondering if this happens to anyone else. I don't think either of the cats are doing it on purpose, but rather like it gets stuck to someone's foot or bum and moved to another place. Do you think that's possible? Has this happened to anyone else ever?
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We find the occasional "dangler" when it either got stuck in bottom fur or someone got in a hurry leaving the litterbox. It isn't on purpose, they are both really good about using the litterboxes.
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Do you have a dog by chance? Sometimes they will pull things out of the litter box and leave them lying around. Outside of the litter box might just be from excessive scratching in the litter box. Mine have been known to leave me danglers once in a while.
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