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New rescue cat

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Hi I'm Lara it's my first time here but I've had cats around me most of my life. Normally we have adopted kittens or very young cats. However this time I fell in love with Ella a 5 year old long haired surrender at my local shelter.

She is very timid and often hides under the bed all day long. Anyone have any tips to bring her out of her shell so she can be a member of the family?
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Hi Lara and welcome to TCS! wavey.gif

Ella needs to have more time to adapt. She's been through big changes in her life.  You can stay in the room where she is hiding and talk to her in a gentle voice.  You don't have to look at her, just let her hear you. Make her feel safe. In time she will begin to come out of her shell.

By the way, is her litter box, food and water readily accessible? 

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Yes she spends a lot of time in my shower upstairs so she has food and water abs a box upstairs
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Hello, and thank you for adopting her! clap.gif


Yes, give her time. You can play soft music for her, sit or lay on the floor speaking to her while doing the slow blinking of your eyes (the " blinking), and offer her treats, or just sit and read a book out load softy. All this will reassure her she is safe. Feliway diffusers around the house may help too. Just let her come out on her terms.


She'll come around, she's just frightened right now.

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