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Grumpy cat

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ever since the kittens were born,Nickajack would hiss everytime one of they went anywhere near him,well today he forget himself and let one sleep with him!(No he is not the father)
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Blondie did that with Coal. Coal would hiss and grumble, but after a few weeks gave up. We say that Coal is Blondie's adopted Dad.
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awwwww how cute
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That's very precious. Those babies are so cute.
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Veeeery cute!
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Aww that is soooo super sweet!!! More and more I see cuddly pics I want to get another one, but I don't think JB would hear of it! LOL!
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It's true...a kitten can wrap anyone around it's little paws!
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But Jellybelly don't you remember the Saki/Zoey sucsess story? Sicy thought Zoey wouldn't get on with a new kitty but oh she did!

Go for it!

Sherral, cute pics!
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Awww they are cute
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