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Boy am I ticked....again!

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I wrote in the other day about my computer & how the CDROM has burned up. Well, I contacted Gateway about it & they were going to send me a new one in the mail. As of yesterday, we hadn't received it yet but they told me it could take up to 5 days to get it. No problem. This morning we get a phone call from a gal that lives 2 blocks away. She said that she found our Gateway box in her back yard. Mom ran over & picked it up. Luckily everything is inside (well, that's what it appears), but it's obvious that someone stole it from our front porch after it was delivered. The gal said that she just happened to find it this morning when she was doing some yard work in her back yard in her bushes (her back yard is fenced in with a 6ft wooden fence). The box was openned & you could tell that it was rummaged through. It just makes me mad that someone would steal it from my porch & then after they find that it wasn't anything useful they pitched it. Thankfully the gal was honest about it & gave us a call. Bless her heart! At least there are few good people in my neighborhood!

My neighborhood USED to be pretty decent, but for the past couple of years we've had some real doozys come floating in. I have a notion of calling the Police & making a report of it. Even though nothing was damaged or do we even know who did it...the thief might see it in the newspaper & be scared to do it again to someone else.

Sorry for the rant...some people just make me mad.
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I would report it. Someone in the neighborhood may come forward and say they saw something suspicious after reading about it if it makes the papers.

Shell, that stinks, sorry that happened!
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I agree with Sue . You need to report that to the police . In case there is more going on like that . The police would have more evidence (sp) against that person . That is how the police usualy build up a case . So please rebort it to the police
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That really sucks Shell! Maybe you could also complain to UPS for just dropping it off instead of making sure someone is home to pick it up. Calling the cops is a good idea as well. Just a thought.
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Holy crap! Did you call gateway and let them know about it? I would just in case the CDROM is damaged etc. And if it was UPS I would definately let them know, or whoever delivered it to your house. I'm always nervous about people sending me things that don't require a signature. Then again, half the time when they do require a signature, the ups and/or usps still don't bother to get one.
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I haven't called Gateway about it yet. I plan on installing it tomorrow & they wanted me to call them so they could help me. I'll definitely tell them what happened.

It was UPS & they always just leave it on the front porch if no one answers. Our porch is somewhat covered, but it never fails...they leave it out in the open for everyone to see. I was so ticked when we got our computer to begin with 2 years ago. The UPS guy left 3 big Gateway boxes (everyone know what they look & white cow looking boxes) right in front of the door. Anyone could have walked off with the computer & we'd never even know it!
When I was living with my ex fiance', we ordered a computer from Gateway. We left the front door unlocked (I know...stupid!) & when we came home the boxes were sitting in our living room. The UPS guy just walked right in & set them down. In a way I was glad he brought them in, but yet he could have walked off with everything else in our house.

I'm starting to dislike UPS more & more! BTW, I'll be reporting it to the police tomorrow.
Thanks everyone!
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Oh, I'm sorry to hear about that! I, myself am also 'weary' cause so far my neighborhood seems decent, but that doesn't mean something like that could happen. Already I've had packages delivered to the wrong house also..., I agree with what everyone else says. I'd call the computer's company and tell them the situation, in case there's a defect/loss of major part.
hope everything turns out OK for you.
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wow that sucks shell. i know that Fed-Ex wont leave it until you sign a release. at first we were mad because when youre waiting for something, you want it now! but that is a good thing they have going there. UPS and usps just drops it off.
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OOps I didnt realise it was UPS. My bad.
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boy i would be ticked off also, i also would get ahold of ups and let them know what happened and for them not to leave packages out in plain view anymore at your address, you have jsut had some bad luck lately shell, i sure hope it gets better for you
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It's gotta get better, right? I'm just hoping that the rest of this week & this weekend goes smoothly. After that, it'll be much better. This is the high stress week, so at least I'm prepared for that!
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Your week is bound to get better dear!

Now I'm going to be paranoid and on the look out! My digital camera is coming via ups and should be here anytime this week!
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Shell, that's terrible, and it sounds like something bored teenagers would do. I agree that you should report it to the police, and maybe you can make arrangements with UPS to leave packages at the back door from now on.

I think part of the problem with deliverys is that UPS drivers always seem to be in such a hurry like they're really overworked or something. Whenever something is delivered to my house, the driver rings the doorbell once, puts the package down, and has already gotten back into his truck by the time we get to the door.
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that bites big time. Sorry Shell for this ordeal.
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that sucks shell all the couriers over here, use the release system for big stuff and valuables, they will ring later on to say that no one was in and you can arrange another suitable time for the thing to be dropped off.
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That is horrible - definately report it to the police. The neighbour across the street had their garage broken into and the police (a really cute police officer ) came to our door Saturday night to see if we had seen anything. It is always scary when the police are knocking at your door (even if they are cute).
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Here, UPS leaves a tag, if noone is home. You have to call and make arrangements, to pick up or have it delivered, at another time. Now that I have a neighbor, who is home most of the time, I'll see about having them leave stuff with her.
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If you do not make a police report, and it has been damaged, you may not be able to recover any damages for Gateway or FedEx. I had a guitar delivered to the wrong house, the people lied about having signed for it, and we caught them leaving the house with it about the time the police arrived. In a lot of places, no police report, no leg to stand on about doing anything about it.
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I was born and raised up in Brooklyn, New York. I now live just outside NYC and I am amazed at the difference. Occasionally, I have had some packages delivered, which were just left outside our door. It's really nice. However, I am still paranoid and everytime I am expecting something I stress over it until I actually see the box. I'd call UPS if I were you. Or if you know you're expecting a package, can a neighbor receive it for you?
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Originally posted by Shell
When I was living with my ex fiance', we ordered a computer from Gateway. We left the front door unlocked (I know...stupid!) & when we came home the boxes were sitting in our living room. The UPS guy just walked right in & set them down. In a way I was glad he brought them in, but yet he could have walked off with everything else in our house.
Holy Crap! That's scary.

This is something that I did when I lived in calgary and was expecting our cowboy hats in the mail. I knew it would be a big box and we had a very visible front porch, so I left a note taped to my front door saying, any large packages, please leave on back porch and I signed it. Sure enough when I came home from work they were safe on my back porch.

Cowboy hats are expensive... but a friend stole it so I don't have it now anyways...
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