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"Beam me up Scotty!"

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this large orange one eyed kitty is on a journey- into someone's heart!

check out his picture at:


what a sweet face!!! couldn't you just hug him to peices??

Scotty is a special needs kitty, so the adoption fee will likely be waived.

i have a totally blind, almost deaf older cat myself, and i can tell you, Scotty will have no problems getting around and being a normal playful kitty, he just may need a little extra time to get to know your home.

please consider taking Scotty into your home and your heart! he deserves only the best!
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What a sweet boy, I hope he finds a good home! Our shelter just adopted a tripod kitty last month, I was sooo happy to see him find a home.
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i am assuming that means three legged? i never heard that term before, that is funny!
a tripod!

he he he!

i have posted info on 3 other cats (not counting Scotty) and so far all three have found homes,
but i have no idea if my efforts were what helped, or if they were just seen by the right person at the right time!

i'd like to think i helped, but i guess i will never know.
maybe i should start posting "please tell the shelter that you saw this cat listed at____" ?

the shelter is so busy though, i doubt theyd have time to pay attention to that let alone remember it.

well off to list Scotty in a few more places!
this one kills me, as he looks so much like my blind boy BJ and i would LOVE to adopt him myself but can't (not allowed more cats, no money for more cats!!)

wish i would hit the lottery!!
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Yep, a tripod is a three-legged cat or dog. He was born with only three legs! He's an orange tiger kitty. One of the girls at the shelter told a friend about him, and the friend came in and adopted him!
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I havr some good friends in Manchester, NH. I will send this to them and see if we can find him a home. Good luck, Scotty, you look like you deserve a good home!!
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catnapt, this is the message I got when I tried to look at Scotty's picture: "Oops! The pet you've tried to access is no longer listed on Petfinder.com!"

I don't know what that message means, but I hope it means Scotty has a new home. (I'm trying to be positive about this)
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yes Scotty has been adopted, i just learned.
there is an old guy named Reynold who is quite thin and in need of a home, i will post his info in a bit

thanks for taking the time to check on Scotty!

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Yay Scotty! Best of luck in your new furrever home!!!
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