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digital photos to real photos

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Hello, a friend of mine emailed me some great photos and I'd love to turn them into "real" photos that I can frame. I don't have a printer though. Do you know if photo processing places will do this? I could take in a cd or disk with the photos on them, but I have no idea if that is a service that photo developing places offer. Or, are there online places that can do this? It would sure be easy to just email the jpg's and get some nice photos back in the mail!
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I know with the HEBs here, they can with digital pictures, turn them into real pictures that you can frame. I also print them out on the printer, color of course, it comes out pretty neat, but you may have to check like Kodak centers, I'm pretty sure they can now with the unbeliveable usage of digital cameras.
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I think most Wal Marts that have the 1 Hour Photo Processing booths have a kiosk where you can take digital photos and have them printed in photo quality. We took in a disk from when we met Queensryche, hubby's favorite band, and I was really impressed with the quality of the prints.
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Yes, it's done at a lot of photo centers, as well as a few places online that offer that service. That's the only reason I decided to get a digital camera.
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one of my neighbors told me that he uses Walmart for photo-printing.
He must submit them on line since there are no Walmarts here.
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I go to Wal Mart website and download pictures from my digital camera all the time. You can either have the pictues sent to your house or you can pick them up at your local Wal Mart. The cost for development is .26 cents per picture (4x4) I think the quality is pretty good.
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Taking them to a photo place would be the best thing. You just don't get as good of quality on a home printer or even an expensive color laser printer. I used to do some at work on the nice laser and they still weren't that great.

If you do decide to try a laser or home printer, something I've found works well is to print them out on clear address/sticker paper. You can get Avery brand in full 8 x 11 sheets. I've done that and then carefully stick them to a white cardstock and they are the closest to looking high quality.
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Thanks for the info everybody! I think I'll try out that online Walmart service -- sounds pretty convenient!
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Imagestation by sony does online printing also. Just upload your pictures to imagestation and go from there.

I personally have never used it but get emails all the time of specials they are offering.
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