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cat starting to poop (not in box)

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I need help!!! My cat just started to poop in different places in my house. He sat on my coffee table and "Pooped" and then he sat in puzzle box and "pooped". He also jumped on my dining room table and urinated. He has never done this before until yesterday.

I am desperate for any help. My husband is threatening to throw him outside if this continues.
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A vet visit is in order. Your cat may be ill and trying to communicate that to you in the only way he or she can!!!

Please, please don't throw a cat outside, especially one that has never been an outdoor cat. If you can't keep him or her, please take the cat to a no kill shelter.
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Oh, I will not throw him out. I don't think my husband would actuall do it. Would he be showing other signs of illness besides this other stuff?
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Depends on what is wrong with him. One of my cat, Sunshine, had a urinary blockage a few years back, how he told me there was a problem was he walked into the kitchen and looked up at me, meowed and pee'd almost on my feet!!! Needless to say, this was NOT normal behaviour, and I got him to the vet at the advice of friends who knew more about cats than I did. He had to have surgery! But he has been fine ever since.

When something out of the ordinary happens like this with cats, who are by nature fastidious about toilet habits, it is a sign that they need to see the vet, something may be wrong.
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These behaviors are clear signs that you cat is sick. Please take him to the vet tomorrow (Monday) and tell the vet exactly what the cat is doing so she will know what to look for. A cat with a urinary tract infection/blockage or inflammatory bowel syndrome often will not look sick -- the way we know they are in trouble is when we see the behaviors you are describing.

If the vet finds the cat is healthy (which I doubt) please click here for a lengthy thread on stopping inappropriate urination.
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Click here for a thread about stopping poop problems.
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FYI, I just wanted to let you know that I am taking my cat (Rambo) into the vet today. Lets all hope he is ok. The vet asked me if there was any changes in my house lately and I told him my husband came home from the hospital a couple of weeks ago after having open heart surgery. Do you think my cats problem could be stress related?
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I am so glad you are taking him to the vet. Please let us know what the vet finds.

Yes, sometimes cats respond to changes in the household and stress with these kinds of behavior.

I hope your husband is okay. He is in my thoughts.
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FYI, I took my cat (Rambo) to the vet this afternoon and he is treating him for a badder infection. I'm suppose to give it to him for a week and see if he improves. Thanks for all of the replies.
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So glad to hear that a cause was found and that Rambo is on the road to recovery!!!!!
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I'm glad Rambo is getting medications for his problem. I'm sure that the potty problems will disappear once he is feeling better!
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