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unneutered behavior

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I have an eight-month old kitten who was neutered about two months ago....no problem...or is it? Until today he seemed to behave like a normal neutered cat, but I found him on top of my female cat "going through the motions". I can only come to one conclusion on my own and that is that maybe his surgery did not work. But I'm hoping this is not a behavioral issue. I mean, if he's neutered, he shouldn't even have any idea about what he was doing, right? If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know. I'd really appreciate it.
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Well I guess there's no harm there

Welcome to the forums babiesfive!

Sorry, had to smile at that one... I think that some cats can "go throught the motions" even if they're neutered. I once saw a neutered male in our local shelter who was virtually raping a fellow cat (also a male). They had to break them apart because the other male didn't appreciate the signs of love

Is the female spayed? Could she be in heat? I wonder.

I just hope he doesn't spray around the house - that would be so much worse than what he's doing now.
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Some males will not loose the know how when neutered. He may have figured it all out before surgery. I have heard of some males actually humping furniture. I would not worry too much unless he starts to spray.
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My male has combined kneading with 'going through the motions'. He used to only knead my arm and it was 'cute', and made me feel that he was comfortable in my home. He is a fixed male stray that I took in four years ago so I don't really know his history other than he was already fixed, and is about 8 or 9 years old now. Once he starts kneading my arm now he gets excited. Yes, I'm sure. The kneading is okay but I don't understand the rest of it and want to stop this new behavior. What suggestions do any of you have? Any psycologists out there that can explain this new disturbing behavior? I have a two year old fixed female too. He doesn't seem to bother her one bit other than to groom and snuggle with. They are adorable together.
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As with the sender of the "disturbing behaviour" post...I too am faced with a neutered cat who is practicing overtly sexual behaviour toward me. He is a wonderfully friendly and playful cat, yet with me (and not my two other female roomates) he often gets "excited" - rubbing himself on my arm, legs, on my bed, robe, pjs etc. He tracks all across my blankets and even sniffs my crotch! He's a lovely cat in every other way, but I'm not sure of what to do about his behaviour. I wanted a cat for a little companionship but I can't really have him near me at this point. Currently the vet at the shelter where I got him is checking him out again to make sure that he was actually neutered.....does anyone know if this behaviour will go away? Or if there is something that I can do to solve this problem? He had no history of this behaviour at his foster home which even included a female cat who was in heat!
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Well, he seems to be very much in love

Check out this thread about the subject (with some double posts I'm afraid):


If the vet says it's just behavioral you may need to consult a pet behaviorist. He sounds like a tough one...
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