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Hi All

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My name is Katie...I am devoted to helping the cats (feral and homeless) in Virginia. I volunteer once a month at a feral cat spay/neuter clinic, I volunteer with a rescue group to help with adoptions every Saturday and I have a site dedicated to shelters, pounds and rescues in Virginia. I just wanted to say HI.

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Glad to see you here Katie! This site is great when it comes to help for ferals and shelters.

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Welcome to the site Katie! This is a wonderful network of cat lovers, and we are happy to have you as a part of our little corner of the internet. Kitty angels are always welcome!
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Hello and welcome, Katie! It's a wonderful thing that you're doing helping all those feral cats! Do you have any kitties of your own?
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Hi Katie-

Love your board name!
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Yes Skykitty...I have 2 cats..I have a picture of them on the pictures post.

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Thanks Katie, I'll go there now and check them out!

I forgot to mention that you are an angel for helping all of those kitties!
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but I couldn't go to sleep at night with each of my cats on either side of me and know that I didn't do everything I can to save both cats in shelters and feral cats.

Some people ask how I can volunteer and not want to take all the cats home with me....I've had a couple that have really tugged at my heart...but I have a roommate and I live in a condo and I know these cats/kittens are all going to good homes. Besides...my 2 cats would probably not want to "share" me quite yet. However, I do think volunteering is incredibly gratifying experience...and when you love cats..it's easier to answer people's questions about raising cats, trimming their nails, brushing them etc. So many people want to do right by their cat...but it's like a child...unless you have one...it's hard to know the answers and having someone there to ask who has raised a couple is always a benefit.

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Welcome to this site
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Welcome! I look forward to hearing your knowledge on feral cats and TNR programs!
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Hi and welcome to TCS Katie.

Thank you from all the shelter kitties for you helping them. What a nice and great thing you are doing.
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Welcome to TCS! I love what you're doing!

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Hi Katie and Welcome,

Thanks for everything you are doing for the shelter kitties and all the other homeless kitties. You are a wonderful person with a very big, warm, heart. It's good to know there are people like you helping our homeless friends. My 11 Kitties have been adopted from Ophans of the Storm animal shelter. Hope you enjoy it here.

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