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Come Celebrate With Us! We're 5 Years Old!

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Happy October All! The Northern Virginia Feral Cat Spay/Neuter
sponsored by Alley Cat Allies turns five years old this month. Come
join us
on the 19th to celebrate all of our successes!!!!! We will be
goodies to show our appreciation for all of your efforts on behalf of
feral friends.
> Please let me know by Tuesday, October 14th (earlier preferably) if
will be able to lend a helping hand and join us for the party.
> You know the drill! Let me know where you would like to volunteer,
and as
always, please be flexible if your skills are needed in an area outside
your first choice.
> * Admitting (8:30 – 10:30) - great for those that are only able
commit in the am
> * Transport
> * Anesthesia
> * Prep
> * Spay Vet Assistant
> * Grooming
> * Recovery
> * Surgical Instrument Maintenance
> * Clean-Up (arrive at 2:30) - MUCH NEEDED!!!!!!!! A great
to help for those that can't commit the whole day.
> For the kitties - Heather
Contact: clinic@AlleyCat.org

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I wish I lived closer
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I'll be there. Wouldn't miss it for the world. From now until May, I am hoping we can fix a lot of feral cats and have a much better kitten season next year. This year was just awful.


"Ruining the sex lives of feral cats throughout Virginia...and loving it!"
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Good for you!!! I wish I lived closer - I'm not aware of anything of this type in my neck of the country.
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Well...you can contact the local shelters to see if they work with feral cats:

Kansas shelters
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I volunteer for one of the shelters in the Kansas City area that is trying to obtain funding to start a feral TNR program. They do it when they can, but really don't have the money to pull it off. Most donated services from vets pay for their foster animals with little room left to pay for ferals. They've asked me to help write the grant application for them - never did it before but in researching what you have to do, doesn't sound too difficult to at least write the proposal - more difficult to get someone to accept it and give you funding.

What I am finding is that there are a few isolated groups here that do TNR, are starting to combine forces to have a broader program, but many of them are still isolated and some do TNR for bragging rights without full follow up on the animals they TNR. One group did TNR in an area, pulled up roots and left without finding appropriate caretakers for the colony, and started another TNR program elsewhere.

It is interesting what you find out once you start digging around for information.
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You sound like a good feral friend. We are delighted to have another lover of wild kitties among us. I think you will be pleased with the group of dedicated rescuers here at TheCatSite. Welcome Aboard!
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After having worked at 5 feral clinics...I have learned sooo much. I have also participated in a feral cat program to learn all about TNR. I can't wait until the No More Homeless Pets conference..I am really excited about talking to other rescuers about TNR.

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