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I posted a thread in Health and Nutrition, but am anxious for answers, so am asking a favor?

The thread is titled "Oh Boy...where do I start"
and Yes, I'm taking her to the Vet, but would like your opinions, or advice.

This forum has so much traffic, and you all are so helpful and knowledgable (sp)

I'd appreciate it if you'd take a minute and read the thread,:


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Thank you so much for your reply!

I knew I had to take her in, just hoped for some answers before then.

I never even considered that whatevers wrong could affect her kittens if she is pregnant!

I didnt mention her escape earlier because I felt so damn dumb having it happen again! I went out onto the balcony to check the tomatoes, and next thing I knew she was on the roof! No small feat since its about a 4 foot leap up and 3 feet out!
I had the screen closed but she pushed it out far enough to make a getaway...that Need to Breed is a pretty strong motivator!

Anyway, she's home now, and will go see the Vet tomorrow.

Wish us luck, and maybe a prayer?

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Cleo; Of course I am praying for you both. Cagney is a "Hugh" part of your life(all our cats are important, but you know what I mean when I remind you of the "special bond" the two of you have. . . . . ) Because you are my friend; she is important to me also.

Let me know as soon as the vet has seen her. . . . .

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