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The cutest thing!

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Peedoodle likes to lay on hubby's chest every morning. Its a routine for them. However this morning, Peedoodle came and sat on him, as usual, but what was different was that he put his front legs/paws around Jake's neck - like he was hugging him (or strangling him, you pick). It was just so cute! I wish I had a picture!

Kahu is shy of being picked up or sitting on people. He is now watching Peedoodle being picked up and sitting on people that he sat on me for a good while this morning. He is coming along so nicely and I am so proud of him.
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awwwwww! He will come around
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Thak is so sweet!
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That's a big "awwwwwwwwwwwww" !!!!
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awww...that is adorable! i hate it when we miss these kodak moments.
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awwwww that is sweet, im glad he is comming along good
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awwww how cute
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A kodak moment for sure!
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Nothing like a kitty hug!
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You bet Ady. My psycho kitty has a softer side, occasionally. He comes at nite and gets up on my lap. He puts his paw up to my face and stretches up and snuggles his head under my chin. Darn, there is no one here to take the picture. Just him and I and the other kids.
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