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Sunday DT

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How's everyone doing today! I'm up early event though it was a long day yesterday for our family. We are going to relax and just hang around today. Yesterday was my daughters very first band competition ever with her high school marching band and they did a fantastic job. Came in 4th at competition and I am so proud of them, they did a great job! Met some really wonderful people that help out with the band too, great people and it was a wonderful experience for all of us. I'm so proud of her and the whole group!
I have to make a petsmart run later today for canned food, and toys of course! I haven't been home alot in the past few days and my cats are probably wondering whats up so I will have to give them extra attention today!
Got lots of cleaning to catch up on too, but thats gotta wait till tomorrow!!
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I'm up early, too. Have already had 4 cups of coffee, read the paper and fed the critters.

We'll make our WalMart run today: critter food, socks and a toy for Ike. Pearl got a new toy, this week and Ike (who doesn't usually play with toys) wants it.

I'm waiting for Bill to wake up and fix breakfast.
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I got up a little over an hour ago. Still on my first, and only, cup of coffee. Remembered as I walked into the kitchen that i put soup in my crockpot yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, that is now in the trash.

Now I'm checking email, seeing what's up here, finishing a short paper for my class, listening to classicfm.com. And most importantly, providing a lap for a purring furball, a purrball? and occasional scratches.

malynn, I was in band in high school, and I loved going to competitions. It was so much fun, congrats to your daughter and her band, those judges are tough.

I did all my errands yesterday, so today will be relaxing with the cats and Dan, until he goes to work. And grading papers and writing lesson plans for this week. What I'm looking forward to the most is Trading Spaces 100 Grand tonight. I really need to get a life.
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Simba let me go back to sleep this morning after we got up at 4:45 - yay! Good thing since we stayed up later than usual last night - finally watched LOTR - The Two Towers.

I was waiting for my hubby to get up for breakfast, too, so I think I'll get that started soon. Then I need to go pick up some thread so I can finish my nephew's Halloween costume. Still haven't started the one I am making for my niece, but I've got plenty of time.

I worked yesterday on some patchwork dog beds, so hope to finish them up today, too. I need to pick up a ton of stuffing for them, but heard an idea about cutting up an egg-crate mattress pad to use for stuffing instead. It takes a lot of stuffing to make beds for 80 pound dogs.

Have a good day everyone!
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Brenda, what's Trading Spaces 100 Grand? I love that show, but don't watch much TV when the weather's good...
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I've been up since 5:00am fed the kitty, showered, kissed the wife and had to go to work 10 hour shift. I hope everyone has a nice day!
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Susan, instead of spending $1000, they're spending $100,000. Not sure if it's on each or split between the 2. At first I thought it was some rich person's mansion, but it looks like regular houses. I don't watch a lot of TV, either, but I do watch Trading Spaces each Saturday.
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Just got back from breakfast. Going to volleyball practice this arvo. A quiet day for me. Got books to read.
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Susan, instead of spending $1000, they're spending $100,000. Not sure if it's on each or split between the 2. At first I thought it was some rich person's mansion, but it looks like regular houses. I don't watch a lot of TV, either, but I do watch Trading Spaces each Saturday.
Cool, I'm going to have to watch that!!
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Oh yeah! The $100,000 Trading Spaces is on tonight! Thanks for the reminder.

Little Oscar kept me up until about 6AM being the little snuggle, purr-muffin, face licking kitty that he is. He's quarantined from the other cats and just sucking up all attention he can get from us.

Picked up lumber at Lowes to make scratch posts for HELP Humane cat fosters - they are starting a program to teach their fosters to teach their cats to use a scratch post to prevent behavior returns. Lowes donated all the wood and a lot of the sisal rope (plug here for Lowes, who also be coincidence sponsors Trading Spaces).

Giving myself 2 hours of computer time then taking a nap thru football.
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I'm sick again. I had a cold last Monday, have another one since yesterday. I really hate being sick.

Trying to get the energy to work on the websites like I know I should. I've only been up for about 2 hours and want to go back to bed already.
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I hope you get rid of your cold! Hubby and I are still fighting allergies, it's not as bad though since we are taking a different medicine but our brains are kind of out of it LOL! This weekend was very slow. Went to visit the new Walmart that opened up not too far from us, very nice and CLEAN for once, don't know how long that will last

Today I have to do mini-groceries on a small amount of $ argh! Not looking forward to that.

Cooking dinner and then watching something on t.v. Alias or something else, don't know.
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Malynn, congratulations on your daughter's band competition!!! That is excellent! Those are a lot of fun to attend and participate in plus all the band parents meetings
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