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Kitten Plan 1 ???

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What excactly is kitten plan 1 ? I got from my vet a card in the mail saying : Your Cat Lily is due for Kitten Plan 1 .
I have not had a kitten for so long that I really don't know what that include kitten plan 1 . And how importen is that kitten plan 1 ?
Thanks guys
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Depending on the age, usually they get thier first vaccines (kitten plan 1?) The first visit usually includes a fecal, deworming, and thier first Feline distemper (RCCP).
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hmmmm , she just got spayed and got a fecial to see if they were any worms . I know she had rabys shots and distember shots . So what are they going to do now ???
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If it was her first and only distemper, and it has been 3 to 4 weeks, maybe it's a booster for the distemper??
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Lily was a stray dumpling kitten . Well , some body dumped her at my friends Iris beauty salon and Lily (kitten , we name her ) had a flea color on . Lily also acted like a feral in the beginning . So Iris catched her after a period of a week and I got her to the vet . Got every thing done on her and endet up keeping her . Iris and I were not able to dump her back out there with her little feral group she has . Since nobody wanted her . Thats Lily's story
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I had to go with Snowbal to the vet today , it seems like he cant get rid of his upper rasp. for 3 month now . The vet took a sample of his sneesing (sp) to make some test , got a shot for his fever and diferend medication . Hopefully it will help him .

Any way , while I was there I ask about the kitten plan for Lily . They told me that their computer is messed up and disregard the card they have send to me .
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