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Issues with Nub Tailed Cats?

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I have a black cat named Schrodinger and he is 1 of 4 kittens born of his litter. There was 2 boys and 2 girls. 1 boy and 1 girl were each born with short tails. Neither the mother or father have bobbed tails. Schrodinger's tail is actually bent in several places at several angles leaving it is this horrible deformed, kinked lightening bolt shape and over all it is probably only 4 inches long? He was find when he was a kitten, but now he is almost 2 years old and stays so skinny. We have dewormed him and he eats several times a day but can not seem to put on any weight. To top it off the cat has the worst gas ever! You cant pick him up without him passing really foul gas that will make you puke. It also happens everytime he jumps or bounces. Any ideas on what would be causing this? I read somewhere that due to the shortened spine (and tail) that a lot of cats deformed in this way dont live very long since they have intestinal issues. But I am not sure if this is the beginning of a serious issue or the end of his little kitty life. 


If someone has some insight it would be wonderful. 



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Unfortunately, I don't have much advice for you.  I am glad your kitty has you in his life.  There is a lot of information on here regarding nutrition and you should probably look into that because that might play into his intestinal issues (possible allergies?).  Good luck.

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Thank you for replying. I will have to go through the site a little more and see if I can find something that helps!

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Hi and welcome to TCS! Sorry to hear that Schrodinger has intestinal woes. Have you had a vet check him out? If so, what did the vet think? I know that cats with stub tails can have problems defecating which can result in constipation. I'm not sure that it sounds the same for Schrodinger. What is his diet? Dry, wet, both? Which brands specifically?


Probiotics might be helpful here to help with gut flora. I would recommend the Nexabiotic 20 strain, 1/4 capsule twice a day. However, if he hasn't been checked by a vet recently, I would really recommend that to ensure that there isn't something more serious going on.

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Agree with vball91 that a vet trip is in order. There have been a few threads over the years on manx cats (who have the genetic mutation that caused "nub" tails) with intestinal issues. Here is one on this "manx syndrome" ( It doesn't sound like your cat is that bad but it may be something to talk to your vet about.


Vball91 is also right that it may have something to do with diet and posting what you feed would be helpful.

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