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Crazy Cat Won't Calm Down

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I have 4 cats, a male calico/mutt mix (C.J) who is about 2 years old, a female tuxedo (Sunshine) who is a little over a year, a female gray tabby (Princess) who is also around a year, and a black female kitten (Maya) who is a few months old. I have raised C.J, Sunshine and Maya their entire lives, but Princess is a recent addition into my home. The male is the only one of the cats that is fixed. Princess is much more active than the other three and frequently tries to bully my tuxedo and is too rough with the kitten when they play (which is all of the time). She runs through the house and frequently knocks things over. Just this evening she knocked over the glass I was drinking out of and almost destroyed my laptop. My boyfriend and I literally cringe at the sound of running now because she also will often jump onto the bed and run over us.. I have multiple scars ranging from my head and back, to my legs and so on just from where she's used me as a launching board. The other 3 were playful but never this bad. How can I calm her down?



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Welcome to TCS. wavey.gifShe may calm down some when she gets older. I assume they are all fixed. Some cats are jumpers and body launchers their whole life. I get launched from several times a day. They like to go out of their way to use me as a trampoline.

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oops I should probably edit the post to add that only the male is fixed.. I really do hope she calms down. We got her from my aunt who couldn't take care of her anymore but I didn't realize just how hyper she really was till we took her in.

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I see. If you have her fixed, that should slow her down some. She has all those hormones racing through her body and they have to make some kind of reaction.

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