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litter box

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I was wondering if anyone knows why my 15 year old cat Lucky doesn't cover his waste in the litter box. He has no problem using it and doesn't go outside the box. He just doesn't cover anything. He is new to my household and I don't know if he always did this or just started this behavior.
My other cat Morgan is a burying pro. He digs and covers and digs somemore.
I guess it's not a huge problem, but I was just curious.

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Some cats don't cover up , I have some too . So he may be one who don't like to cover up .
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I've always understood that a dominant cat won't cover his feces, while a more submissive (or subordinate) cat will. I'm not sure if that only applies to males, or to females, too.
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Thanks. Lucky does want to be the dominant one, even though he is just joining the household. He is bossy!!
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I think how the kitten was raised makes a difference too. Ophelia was a feral kitten and her Mom taught her very well to completely cover. Trent was raised indoors and he doesn't cover well - it's not as important to indoor cats since they don't have to worry about predators. It's just my theory, but I think that cats who have been indoors for generations aren't as fastidious about covering.
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