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cool store!

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A "Halloween Superstore" has opened in the shopping center, near my house. I stopped in, to check it out, today. They have SO much really cool stuff:

costumes, hats, accessories, animatronics, makeup, wigs, etc.

All of the employees are in costume and everything is arranged nicely and is easy to find. The animatronics are so neat. If I wasn't worried about it being stolen, I might buy one. At the checkout, there is an animatronic cat, that hisses and yowls. Maybe, I'll get that, to see how my cats react. It is motion-sensitive, the head moves and the eyes flash.

I bought some accessories, for our Halloween costumes. Since I either make costumes or assemble them from thrift shops, accessories are all that I have to buy.

I expect that the place will close up, at the end of the month. Too bad - they are a lot cheaper than the established shops. If they have an after-Halloween sale, I may go stock up on a few odds and ends: false eyelashes, wigs, funny glasses.
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Where is this and how much is the cat? and what color, yadda yadda yadda.
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Naturally, the cat is black and it looks real. I have to go to the grocery store, on Tuesday and I'll price it, then. There were too many kids in the store, today - I just wanted to get out.

I've seen those cats, in catalogs, for 25-30 dollars.
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