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Hi everyone, I'm brand new to the site. Just brought home 9 week old Kevin on Friday. Just need a quick bit of advice- he's eating well and is bright eyed and very mischievous but he is just not keen on water. He just doesn't go near it, I even bought him bottled water in case he can detect some chlorine in the tap water and he's still not interested. Like I said he is eating well (wet food, don't know if he getting hydration from this) and also kitten milk which I have started to add the bottled water to water it down slightly. Just wanted to check that I am doing enough to keep him hydrated. Also I am refreshing the water regularly.


Thanks, Louise.

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Some cats love it straight from the tap :-)
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I tried him with this but he got a bit scared. He made it clear that he wanted away from the tap asap. He has already made enemies with the hoover and washing machine......I don't know if he could cope with another.

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My 2 were scared of everything now they are much better but only like each other and me and my partner Kevin.. I hope he drinks some soon. He obviously had bad dealings with water in the past. All the best with your Kevin :-)
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thBlackWELCOMEcat.gif to TCS!

A lot of cats who eat canned food drink very little water on the side, so it's not worrisome. If you're concerned, you can always add a little extra water to his canned food.

There are a couple of tricks you can try to encourage him to drink. Is his water bowl next to his food bowl? If so, try moving them apart, e.g., to opposite corners of the room. Cats in the wild don't eat where they drink. You can also give him several water bowls strewn throughout your home, and/or add a cube of frozen chicken or beef broth (without salt; homemade is best) to his water bowl.

A lot of people find that their cats like running water, so they use a water fountain. If Kevin isn't interested in water from the tap, he may not like a fountain, though.
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Excellent, thanks for the advice. His water bowl is beside his food at the moment so will try moving it. And I think I will add some to his meals too. Like I say he's very perky and cuddly so I am sure he's not struggling. Just being a paranoid new mum I guess and this is just the start of it!!

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