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cats stopped sleeping with me!

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My 2 cats have stopped sleeping with me and I really miss that! How do I get them to start sleeping with me again? I have tried coaxing them, putting them on the bed with me when I am ready to sleep and sometimes, I would call their names out but with no luck so far. As of now, I have given up and they have been sleeping on a pile of blankets on the top of my hope chest.

Any advice??????
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I find with mine, they kind of go in cycles. Most times they sleep with me, but other times they will spend the night in the living room or elsewhere. My advice would be to be patient. They will come back to you again.
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Pamela; If they are still kittens or "Teen-Age Cats" (under 2 yrs. old) then they are still forming their life-style. Jgsmith i right as long as you keep the "invitation" open they will come around. Continue to take them up on the bed and play with them and love them before bed time and they will know that you want them there.

Believe it or not; some people have it the other way round (their cats take over their bed and they don't want them there) and they call THAT a "problem". . . . . As far as I'm concerned; I welcome the addition of a cat in bed! Also, when mine choose to sleep with me varies by what time of year it is. Sometimes they all (6) want to be in the bed and sometimes only the 2 boys are regulars. As a general observation; I have noticed that male cats take more to being sleeping companions.
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Hello TLK..
Your observation is a good one..
Nomar sleeps next to me on his pillow...
I never dreamed it would be a male cat though...
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Hi - Ever since the weather go warmer my little boy who ALWAYS sleeps with me has taken to sleeping the first 2 hrs. under the bed and then makes his way up to me for an hour or so and then he if off again. This only happens in the summer time. In the winter he is right next to mom cuddling and kneading from minute one. Can't blame him!!!
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Hi Pamela
Don't give up on your cats..
It seems to me they found a spot on your hope chest with the comfy blankets
I would continue to call them over. They might surprise you one night! Right now they are enjoying a new spot!
They'll come around.
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Hey, I wouldn't worry about it. My cats go through stages, sometimes they are there and sometimes they cozy up elsewhere. Although it is true that males are so much more lovey, cuddley, and playful. At least that's my case. My boy is never far from me no matter where I am in the house, and almost always sleeps with me, but the little girl, on the other hand, usually only makes it to bed in the wee hours of the morning. Of course, after they have their breakfast, they both go up to bed, while I go off to work! I agree the weather may have something to do with it too. I'm sure they will come back around, since they know they are wanted in bed with you.
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I agree with everyone else. I find that my cats do things in cycles; the same thing, same napping places, same behaviors for a long time, and then they suddenly switch.

My younger cat was a reall cuddler as a kitten. I assume it was because he was so tiny and thin that he needed the warmth. Now, he's in a pattern where he doesn't come in the bed at all at night.

I can always count on my older cat to be there. But every few months, he varies the spot on the bed that he sleeps on.

Give them time.
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