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Belated introduction

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Hi everyone. I registered awhile ago and have been posting sporadically since then, but never had the courage to introduce myself properly. I'd usually rather talk about my cats! But you are such nice, friendly people that I'll go against my shyness and make the effort.

First the basics: I'm 37, female, and single. I am a writer and web designer, having published a romance novel and self-producing an online soap opera for the past five+ years. I love mysteries, comedy, computers, singing, music, theater, history and politics.

And now ... my cats. Well, I've been a huge cat fan since a little black & white tuxedo showed up on my family's doorstep in 1983. Prior to that, I was a bit scared of cats, and preferred dogs. My mom warned me not to feed her, because she'd never leave, but I snuck out a can of BumbleBee tuna and some milk (what did I know?), which the cat loved, and that was basically the end of any decision-making on our part! There was no looking back, and our family fell in love with her. You can read all about Choie in my memorial site (link in my sig). Of course, since one cat is almost never enough, we adopted two more, Chloe and Sammy, and eventually my sister brought another two, Moe and Tess. All of them are gone except for Tess.

Flash-forward many years later when Choie died in May 2001. I've suffered from depression all my life, even as a child, but after I lost my mother in '86 things grew steadily worse. Losing Choie was like losing another part of my mother (they had similar personalities, LOL), and of course 9/11 was a huge devastation for all of us, perhaps especially us here in NYC. I was miserable and paralyzed with sadness. For two years I couldn't imagine having another cat in my life.

Then my father suddenly died this year, and strangely enough I had a kind of small epiphany. You see, Pop was a survivor. He endured the harsh blows that life gave him -- particularly the losses of my older brother (before I was born) and my mom, his wife of 36 years. He always managed to move on, not letting the suffering stop him from living. At 80 he was still working, still physically active. One day last December he went for his regular jog and somehow tripped while heading up a stairwell near the FDR Drive. He hit his head and got a horrific spinal cord injury, and doctors said that if he survived at all, he would never walk or probably move his arms again. He lived for a week in a drug-induced coma ... actually much longer than doctors expected at all. They said he had a heart as strong as a horse. He died on January 2.

Anyway, after he died I wanted to take something of his life lesson for myself -- to try to survive and never to stop fighting. The first step of doing that was to fill my heart again with love. I looked on for a pair of kittens to adopt, and found a sweet brother and sister pair named Sally and Sonny (kinda icky names), about 1 month old. Turned out that their mom Mina was only six months old herself, and a day after giving birth she and her two kittens were dumped at the Center for Animal Control here in NYC.

The threesome were rescued by a shelter, thank God, which put them on display at Petfinders. When I heard the story, I debated with myself about whether to adopt all three. I hated to break up a family, but I'm on disability and money is very very tight -- and I only have a studio apartment! Could I afford and fit three cats into my life?

In the end I already knew I was in love. I got to meet "Sonny" and "Sally" at the local Petco, and took their mom sight unseen. After a few health issues, and judicious renaming ("Sonny" became Therblig*, and "Sally" became Sophie), we're all now living together in a crowded but love-filled home.

Whew, sorry for rambling on and on like this. I love this site and am so thrilled to have found it. Thank you all for the help and friendliness!

* Therblig is a term used in motion study/efficiency; instead of trying to accomplish a huge task, experts recommend breaking up the task into micro-steps, each one called a "therblig" named after the man who came up with this system, Frank Gilbreth (Therblig is basically Gilbreth, backwards). The book and movie "Cheaper by the Dozen" is the story of Gilbreth and his very large family.

Anyway, since getting the cats represented, for me, a small step on the long road to recovery from depression, I thought Therblig would be a very appropriate name. Plus, it's so cute and fits this little boy perfectly!
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What an experience, and it's good to hear you are succeeding despite life's hurdles. ((Hugs)) to you and your kitties for helping you! Thank you for sharing your story, it was heart-warming to read the good ending! Beautiful kitties.
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A big Official Welcome to the site! It sounds like your Dad was an amazing man, and it also sounds like you have the same kind of strength within you if you only allow yourself to harness it. Mina, Therblig and Sophie are all beautiful, I'm glad their little family was able to make your house into their home.

I look forward to getting to know all four of you on the board!
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Welcome Kira,

Your story touched my heart. I think you're babies are precious, and as soon as I'm done writing this, I'm going to check out your websites.
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I couldn't get the Choie memorial site to open, but I did see your web design site. I'm a web designer also, but I'm not on your level.

I just thought I'd say, I tried again, and I was able to see Choie's Memorial as well. Beautiful.
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How wonderfull that you shared a little from your life with us . It always take's one special cat to win a persons heart how cute is that . Thanks for sharing with us .
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi Kira,

The Kitties and I would like to Welcome you and your kitties and Thanks for the touching story. Thanks also for rescuing your newest 3 Kitties. I have 11 Wonderful kitties that are adopted from Orphans of the Storm animal shelter. I think shelter kitties are the Best! There are so many homeless kitties that need a good home and they have so much love to give. Loved your memorial site for Choie.

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What cute kitties you have. Welcome
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Oh wow, thanks to superkitty, valanhb, HopeHacker, PurrfectCatlove, WellingtonCats, Sid_the_Cat_Man, and kitkatz for your warm welcome! It means so much to me. After I posted I was thinking "what the heck are you doing, spilling your guts like that???" You're all so kind and supportive. Thanks also for the sweet words about my father and Choie, and for visiting the choieSite. I hope to expand it if I can ever get a scanner, to include pictures of Chloe, Sammy, and Moe, as well as the cats still with my family (my sister's Tess and my threesome). I'd also like to offer some references for pet funerals. It really has helped so much to have ceremonies in honor of our lost loved ones, and I don't think enough pet owners avail themselves of that option.

Anyway, thanks and hugs to you all -- and all your adorable cats!
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Your site devoted to Chloe is wonderful!
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Hi kira, and welcome to The Cat Site. Your story moved me-my cat Ivo came into my life at a very dark time, and her love has helped me in many ways I can't explain.

I checked out your "About Schuyler Falls" website a few days ago, and now I'm hooked! I'm not a soap fan, and never have been. But I love the story-I'm still on episode 6 of season 1. It's become my treat at work, when I have some down time, I try and finish an episode. Maybe soon I'll catch up to the current episodes!

I hope to hear more from you, and more about your furkids.

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Hi and welcome to TCS Kira.

Your tribute to Choie is beautiful.
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Thank you for sharing your story with us. Its hard, and I'm glad your kitty family is doing well. Welcome to this site. I've only been here a few weeks and I'm already addictided.
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Hello and welcome to the site. You've shared so much and been through so much I'm glad you have your furbabies to help you cope. ((((Hugs)))) to you and your furbabies. Your sites are absolutely gorgeous, I wish I had talent like that. I wish even more that making websites was also Macintosh friendly!
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Hi to swan1kuan, okeefecl, greycat2, Creepyowl, and SkyKitty! Many thanks for the kind greetings and generous words about my sites, especially the Choie page. It feels so good to know I'm among kindred spirits.

Extra hugs to okeefecl for checking out my online soap. I'm thrilled that you're enjoying it! Oddly enough there are no cats in the story ... two dogs but no cats! I really hafta rectify that soon.

Thanks again guys!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!! Hope you like it here as much as I do!!
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Welcome Kira
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