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Hi! I'm new

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Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Lori and my husband and I are owned by an adorable 9 yr old spayed female cat named Velvet. As you maybe guessed by her name and my screen name she is indeed black.
Nice to be here, hope to get to know you all a little better. I hope to post some pictures of Velvet soon. Still trying to figure that out.
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Hello & welcome to the site from Nothern Ontario!
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Welcome to this site and it is nice meeting you . I love the Name Velvet , how cute .
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welcome! I'm sure you will love it here!
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Welcome to the site! Be sure to check out the "How to Post Pictures" thread at the top of this forum for help with posting pics. They can be a real bugger to figure out the first time.
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Welcome! I'm sure you will enjoy yourself here. I like black cats and have had 2 of them.
Now my 2 cats are Felicia a torbie, and Beau a Burmese. Both are in my signature.
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Yay, another black cat!
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Hello and welcome
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and welcome to TCS Pictures...pictures...pictures..We want to see pictures.
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Welcome from a fellow Minnesotan!

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Hi Lori and Velvet,

Welcome to The CatSite. Looking forward to seeing some pics of Velvet. I have one black Kitty, a long hair. My good friends are owned by 7 Black Kitties. Actually 5 of them are all black and 2 of them are black and white. You can see them at my Kitty Friends.
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Wow, thanks for the warm welcome!!
This seems like such a fun place. Glad to be here.
I will get this posting pictures thing down and get some pics up.
Thanks again!
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Let me add my welcome. It is a great place -- did anybody mention we like pictures ?
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