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I need some cooking help. Anyone out there know the answer?

What size is a #2 can?

Like in ozs?
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Nancy, Since I'm not much of a cook I asked my Mom your question. She said it was hard to know what you're talking about since we don't know what type of food you're trying to make. She thinks that a size #2 can will be smaller than a Tuna can which is 6 oz.

Hope this helps...I'm completely ignorant when it comes to cooking!
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well, cans used to be sized by #'s. #1, #2. I have a recipe that calls for a #2 size can of pineapple. All I have, borrowed from a neighbor, is a large can, 20 ozs. I was thinking that the #2 was the small flat one but couldn't remember.

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Nancy, I checked with my Mom again & she's pretty sure it's the small flat one too. Not sure what you're gonna do with 20 oz's of pineapple when you'll only need about 6 or so oz's...

Good luck making your masterpiece!
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Thanks Shell. I will eat the rest. No problem. Let you know how it comes out.
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I have since been told it is a bigger can. Oh well, it went over very well. I had some people last nite call it cranberry. lol. They also want the recipe. I was sure glad, I took a cake to the last get together and it flopped. The first time ever that this cake flopped. I don't have a clue what happened, it just turned to mush.

I was afraid no one would even try it or if they did, they wouldn't like it. This guy went back for more.
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Originally posted by Hermoine
Thanks Shell. I will eat the rest. No problem. Let you know how it comes out.

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Well, according to the internet source I found a #2 can is 20 oz. I do remember from my restaurant days that a #10 can was one of those big restaurant-size ones that we got things like relish and ketchup in.
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I'm sorry Nancy for telling you the wrong size can. Apparently Mom didn't know what she was talking about when she told me.

Once again, I'm really sorry.
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